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December 13, 2003 -- Do You Remember the Movie "Soylent Green?"

December 13, 2003 -- Next They Said Liberals Must Rule the World to Control Third World Population

December 13, 2003 -- Help Wanted!  Fashionable Opinion Needs Author for Its Next World Crisis Book


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                                 Do You Remember the Movie "Soylent Green?"                             


In the 1960s, at the end of the post-World War II "baby boom," Fashionable Opinion said the white population was growing wildly.   The solution to  this, said Fashionable Opinion, was for bureaucrats to take over population control.  To save the world from overpopulation, we had to let the professors, the "intellectuals," decide how many children each person should have.

Charleton Heston's 1973 movie "Soylent Green" was about the Inevitable Future when America was so packed with people that  everybody was desperately poor.  We ended up eating each other.

In "Soylent Green" Evil Americans had killed every other form of life and ended up eating each other.   "Soylent Green" was made when Charleton Heston was a big Bobby Kennedy supporter -- he says he still is -- and the big liberal demand was to turn birth control over to the bureaucrats.

At the same time that "Soylent Green" came out there was the usual flurry of science fiction books saying exactly the same thing.   One of them talked about the Inevitable Future when white people would be jamming Britain so tightly that no one could move.

Shortly after "Soylent Green" was produced, the liberal line changed. It turned out that by the 1960s the world's white population was not expanding, it was dropping.   It took quite a while before Fashionable Opinion realized that, once again, its predictions were wrong.

After it sunk in that the post-World War II white "baby boom" was over and the white population was declining, all those books were forgotten.  

As usual, the Inevitable Future predicted by liberals turned out to be silly.   So they needed a new Inevitable Future.

The next Inevitable Future was typified by a book called "The Population Bomb."


Next They Said That  Liberals Must Rule the World to Control Third World Population


"The Population Bomb" was written about the runaway growth of third world populations in the 1970s.   It replaced the "Soylent Green" books because we had found out by then that the white world was having a population bust, so "Soylent Green" was silly.

The Social Message of the "Soylent Green" books was that liberal planners, guided by social science professors, had to take over population control in America and Europe because whites were having too many children.   When the white Baby Boom turned into a Baby Bust, the "Soylent Green" fad fizzled.  Like all liberal Social messages, it was silly to begin with.

Then came another wildly popular book called "The Population Bomb."   This book showed that the third world population was expanding wildly.  So in the new Inevitable Future, the third world population increase would go on forever.

Just as "Soylent Green" was the main shark in a feeding frenzy of science fiction books about a wildly overcrowded white world, 'The Population Bomb" was the central book in a feeding frenzy of books about the runaway third world birth rate.

"Soylent Green" and all the little books surrounding it in the 1960s had a single Social Message. "The Population Bomb" and all the little books surrounding it in the 1970s had a single Social Message.

By the most amazing coincidence, both "The Population Bomb" and all the little science fiction books circling around it had exactly the same liberal Social Message as "Soylent Green" did.

"The Population Bomb" said that liberal social planners had to set up a world birth control program.  World bureaucrats would control population in the third world.   Bureaucrats would also supervise a program to move excess third world population into white majority countries.

To solve the third world's population problems, excess third worlders would be sent into ALL white majority countries, and ONLY into white majority countries.   None would be sent to Japan or Taiwan or any of the open lands in the third world itself.

By another amazing coincidence, sending the world's excess third world population into ALL white majority countries and ONLY into white majority countries just happened to be what liberals had wanted to do all along.

Once again, the only way to save the world was to do what liberals had always wanted to do.

Now that Inevitable Future has died, too.  The runaway population expansion in the third world ended well over a decade ago.   Third world population is leveling out.

Another Inevitable Future is gone.

So now we need yet another Inevitable Future.  The next Inevitable Future must prove the same thing the last two Inevitable Futures proved.   It must show that the world can only be saved if bureaucrats rule the world and the white race disappears.


   Help Wanted!   Fashionable Opinion Needs Author for Next World Crisis Book!        


The next crisis book will say that liberals have to rule the world to save it from global warming or global freezing or whatever.   The new version of "Soylent Green" will dramatize how the world will be destroyed because we have not ratified some version of the Kyoto Treaty.

The Kyoto Treaty would stop all development in white countries and let the third world go for broke.  Any version of the Kyoto Treaty, no matter how you watered it down, would go a long way towards turning world economic policy over to the bureaucrats and halting Western growth. 

And turning the world over to bureaucrats is what Fashionable Opinion is all about.

The media have hit Bush hard for not negotiating some version of the Kyoto Treaty, so Bush has already begun to cave in.  Not one single member of the United States Senate would dare support the present Kyoto Treaty, so all that Fashionable Opinion asks is that we start taking it seriously again.

So Bush is starting to go back to negotiating the Kyoto Treaty.   But what is really needed is a book that will get the yuppies howling for Kyoto and scaring Bush all the way to the conference table.

Bush is on the run, but we still don't have the book we need, the new "Soylent Green," the new "Population Bomb."

Hundreds of science fiction writers are out there waiting waiting for somebody to put that book out so they can put out little versions of it.

Everybody is waiting for the next Inevitable Future, and the rewards being offered for it are stupendous.

Every movie about the Holocaust gets dozens of awards.   The professor at Emory who got fired because his pro-gun control book was such a tissue of obvious lies got lots of awards for it.   Whoever writes the new "professors must rule the world" and "The white race is the cancer of history" book has fame and money and awards and professorships lined up waiting for him.

Where is that book?



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