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Bob Whitaker has "been there and done that" in the world of politics. His unique perspective is insightful and vital. We guarantee that he will make you think.

Robert W. Whitaker was born in 1941 and reared in South Carolina, went to the University of South Carolina and the University of Virginia Graduate School. He has been a college professor, international aviation negotiator, Capitol Hill senior staffer, Reagan Administration appointee, and writer for the Voice of America. He has written numerous articles and three books in his own name. Bob resides now in Columbia, SC.

Bob entered the university of South Carolina at age sixteen and was a Political Science instructor at the age of nineteen. He then received a scholarship to study for a PhD in economics at the University of Virginia. Two of his eight graduate instructors there later won Nobel Prizes in Economics.

Both future Nobel Laureates left the University of Virginia while Bob was there. Bobís second reader for his dissertation, James Buchanan, was "forced to leave" when a new dean took over who had vowed to "clean out that nest of right-wingers in the Economics Department."

Bob was a professor of economics but was unable to complete his PhD because his field of specialization, Public Choice (the field in which the two graduate professors later won Nobel Prizes) was disliked after the faculty had been purged.

Bob then became involved in political activism and intelligence work. This is a blank period in his biography.

Bob returned to America in 1972 to become an aircraft negotiator in 1972. During the next few years he set up press conferences and marches of thousands of people in populist protests against busing and objectionable textbooks. He arranged a joint march of thousands of working people from South Boston and Louisville and West Virginia coal miners protesting objectionable textbooks.

For the first time, these people marched against their joint enemy.

He also helped arrange for the Independent Truckers to park their rigs on bridges into Washington at rush hour to protest government discrimination on gas prices in favor of the big trucking companies.

Bob worked with William Rusher, publisher of National review, in turning the so-called "Wallace Democrats" into "Reagan Democrats." This was a move that respectable conservatives opposed vigorously. Bobís 1976 book, A Plague on Both Your Houses, attacking both the liberal establishment and the watered-down Republican opposition, was a milestone in this campaign.

Despite their strong objections to Bobís political opinions, Publisherís Weekly and Kirkus gave the book excellent reviews and the Library Journal recommended it for purchase.

Bob worked on Capitol Hill from 1977 to 1982. During that period, two of his most personally gratifying accomplishments enjoyed today by all of us were saving the Hubble Telescopes and preventing the Internal Revenue Service from imposing racial quotas on private schools.

Despite his criticism of Ronald Reagan in A Plague on Both Your Houses, Bob was a Reagan appointee in charge of all civilian security clearances and federal staffing.

In 1982 Bob conceived and produced an anthology for St. Martin's Press, The New Right Papers. It explained the strategy which led to Reaganís 1980 victory by the people, including Bob himself, who made it a reality while conservatives dithered.

Once again, despite their strong objections to Bobís political opinions, Publisherís Weekly and Kirkus gave the book excellent reviews and the Library Journal recommended it for purchase.

Bob left official Federal service in 1985 after a very short time with the Voice of America as a writer. Since then, among other places, he has been in Central America and Russia.

Bob was officially retired in the 1990s. From that point he writes, in his own words, "What I damn well please."

His third book, Why Johnny Canít Think: Americaís Professor-Priesthood goes into much more than just academia. He could NOT get this book published. One small publisher thought it had a great opportunity to get a major writer and accepted the book.

A month later, they READ it. Not only did they back out of publishing the book, they told Bob they were destroying all correspondence relating to it.

What's in THAT book? That is the book Bob wants to talk about with you now.

Bob welcomes your thought-out reasoned comments, and generally responds.

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Bob's first book - 1976 A Plague On Both Your Houses

Bob's second book - 1982 The New Right Papers
The New Right Papers

Bob's deadliest book - 2004 Why Johnny Can't Think: America's Professor-Priesthood
Why Johnny Can't Think

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