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Like Scratching on Chalkboard

Posted by Bob on May 31st, 2004 under History, Political Correctness

Well, gang, it had to happen.

I’m too radical for David Duke.

At the Saturday banquet, Dave had a stunningly beautiful blond sing. Her voice was better than her looks, even. She is spectacular.

But there is something called “The American Anthem.” When “Dixie” was banned from country music shows, they started singing this “American Anthem” thing. It starts with “Dixie,” which everybody is dying to hear, and then, to justify that, they then include “John Brown’s Body,” a.k.a, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” which is a hate song saying how God wants Southerners dead.

We are those “Grapes of Wrath” the Yankees sang about. We are to be stamped out.

A Jew is not expected to listen to the Horst Wessel Song. I think there is something sick about a Southerner who will sit still for “John Brown’s Body.” So when that lovely woman got to that, I was the only one who walked out of the banquet…

It wasn’t diplomatic. But you should be proud of Old Bob. How many people do you know of walked out of a David Duke rally because it was too Politically Correct?


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