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An Old Southerner

A lady from out West has been assigned to the Deep South in her job. She doesn’t like it. She says we are a different country.

I thanked her for saying that, which was not the response she expected.

She’s nice, so I didn’t say to her what I usually tell Yankees who criticize the South:

“Keep in mind that WE didn’t fight a war to keep YOU.”

She also said I should stop calling myself old. She was being nice. Here is my reply:

“In the Youth Culture outside my Southern Nation, old is terrible. But we Southerners get a feeling that we were part of a long, long tradition, a nation of the South, from our older people.”

“Your older people are the World War II generation, the one that calls itself The Greatest Generation. They make young people feel like outsiders. You didn’t Sacrifice, you didn’t Suffer like they did.”

“Our old people told us about the family, the South, and made us part of it. Believe it or not, when I say I am old, I am bragging. I am now part of those who are carrying the tradition and I earned it.”

“I don’t want to be young. By my years and my loyalty, I earned the right to call myself one of the Old Southerners. Young people respond to it very, very well.”


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We Honor Our Heroes

A leader in the Confederate flag battle wrote me for advice.

Here is my first piece of advice:

Use the Vietnam analogy. America lost the Vietnam War and the left and their pet media declared it an Evil War. As a result the men who had fought it were treated like lepers.

We all recognize that now as a national disgrace. Southerners never even thought of doing such a thing to our Confederate soldiers. The Civil War ruined us, but we treated our soldiers like the heroes they were and we treated the flags they carried with reverence.

If New Southers had their way, not only would Confederate flags be relegated to museums and labeled as a sign of shame, but the Confederate Monuments would be destroyed.

If you lose a war, history always says you were Evil. So Hitler was Evil and Stalin was a War Hero. If you lose a war, you are supposed to live in shame and spit on the men who fought your war.

We are not like that. We despise that attitude. We will honor our fighters as publicly as possible and damn the people who want us to treat our heroes the way the liberals treated those who fought in Vietnam.


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Busy, Busy, Busy…

I worked myself into two nervous breakdowns, but I was never busy, busy, busy.

Chris Matthews was number one staff member to the Speaker of the House. Nobody is more swamped than that. He was never busy, busy, busy.

Chris would go back to his office, pick up his sheaf of call slips, and call each person back. He would say to me, “Can´t deal with that now.’ or “Call X..’

That was all I needed, because I was a professional, too.

If you can´t delegate, you´ll always be minor league.

I met with George Wallace twice. The first time was in 1968 when he was on his feet. Maurice Bessinger wanted to take over the Wallace presidential campaign in South Carolina. Maurice had hundreds of campaign workers. He could get any literature from one end of the state to the other in one day, and right into the mills and on the farms. He already had a party on the ballot.

There was another group which consisted of “the best people’ led by Tom Turnipseed. They never did anything, but they wanted to run the campaign. Tom Turnipseed was their spokesman and he reported to the Republican Executive Committee every week.

George Wallace, the Great Man Himself, consented to speak with us briefly and then he turned us over to his Country Boy in charge of Soothing the Good Old Boys. He then talked to Tom Turnipseed at length and turned the campaign over to Turnipseed and the Very Best People. South Carolina was the only Deep South state he lost.

Turnipseed is now a hard-core liberal.

In 1972, Wallace was in his wheel chair but he was kind enough to sign a letter praising my first book. So I flew to Alabama to give him a signed copy. He spent quite a while with me that time. Jimmy Carter was arriving in town for his presidential campaign which Wallace was hosting. Wallace´s wife kept calling him but he wanted to talk to me. He kept saying, “If I had had you with me when I was on my feet, we would have won the presidency.”

No doubt about it. But he had me right there in front of me when it counted, and he was busy, busy, busy. Too busy to notice talent and too busy to take advantage of it.

That’s happened to me all my life.


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Bible-Thumpers and Brownie-Points

I just got back from a reunion with the mountaineer half of my family, the Snyders.

The Bible-thumpers have taken it over.

When I was at the Council of Conservative Citizens, I watched the dedicated and inarticulate people who had founded the CCC being steadily replaced by the preachers. The attendance at the conference was, of course, way down.

In both Pigeon Forge and at the Snyder family reunion, I rode around the Tennessee and North Carolina mountain area and watched the handiwork of these self-styled “Christians.” There is a big building in Hendersonville, North Carolina, set up by these “Christians” and dedicated to interracial adoptions.

The anti-white left could not penetrate those mountains, but these “Christians” can, so the Christians are pushing third world adoptions to penetrate white enclaves. I saw many a white woman pushing her little black or Oriental child around. This gives the Bible-thumpers big brownie points with the liberals who control the media.

I was talking to one of the South Carolina Bible-thumpers who have taken over the Snyder reunions and asked him about Beasley’s blasphemy and the Baptist lack of reaction to it. He got a look on his face that I have seen before many, many times on the faces of Communist Party members and Catholic and Presbyterian theologues. It said, “This man has stepped over the Party Line.”

He acted like I hadn’t said it.


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The Modular Man

The Modular Man is coming. By the middle of this century human parts will be developed in labs. If person has bad lungs, it will be easier just to put in new ones than to try to repair the old.

Parts of the brain will also be replaced. So where will the “Christians” and the sociologists who call themselves “bioethicists” going to be when that happens? Their propaganda campaign against cloning and embryo research is based on the idea that science is “crossing the line” into making new humans.

That is good fodder to make idiots put money in the collection plate or give a professor a good living right now, and that is all the preachers and professors care about.

But the simple fact is that the “line” they are talking about is not just going to be crossed, it is going to be stomped on and totally destroyed by the footprints of people who are not going to live with brain damage or heart disease or spend their lives in a wheel chair just to satisfy the preachers.


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Though None Follow…

On the night before He was arrested, Jesus spent the night praying to be released from the terror of crucifixion that he faced. He needed a friend to share His burden, so he took Peter with Him.

Peter fell asleep. Jesus was terribly disappointed. He was hurt that in the time when He had to wrestle with Satan and his final commitment, not even His most faithful follower would stay with Him.

But Jesus did not even consider wavering because He was disappointed in Peter.

We are all hurt by how stupid and slavish our people are. Why can’t they stand up and fight back while our borders are violated, our women are violated, all decency is violated?

It is inexcusable. It is cowardly. These people are not worth our concern.

All of this is true. None of this matters.

We will fight the fight and we will win for our people, despite our people.

Not because they have earned it, but because it is right.


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Someone Should Think of This

I haven’t changed a tire in decades. About forty years ago my tire went down and the temperature was about 104 degrees. I pulled over and started to jack the car up. It didn’t go up. I suddenly realized the jack was sinking into the tar the road was paved with.

But I understand that changing a tire is a real pain because you have to empty the trunk and take out the “donut” tire that will substitute until you get a real change.

Considering how seldom one has to change a tire these days, this idea may be useless, but it seems to me that one could put a rim inside or outside of each tire that is made of one of those superstrong materials they use to make roller skates these days. It would extend far enough down so that if the tire went down almost completely, you would be able to limp along on it to the nearest highway exit.

There are probably better ideas, in fact, I’m sure of it. But a car suddenly blowing a tire and having to stop is out of date, so maybe somebody should think about this.


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Punishment is Cheap

Supply and demand is the basis of modern economics.

There is another simple rule that is just as basic to our society as supply and demand:

Punishment is cheaper than rewards. Any idiot can hurt somebody. It takes talent and work to make people happy. That is why Gangstah Rap is so popular with incompetent young people. They can only get what they want by simple-mindedly hurting people.

This is why Hell is so much more realistic to people than Heaven is. Everybody can imagine Hell. Nobody can imagine Heaven. You can visualize a hundred forms of agony. But how about permanent ecstasy?

In Gulliver’s Travels, Jonathan Swift talked about a society that did not so much punish people for crimes as it rewarded them for honesty. Nice idea. Why didn’t anyone try it?

Because it would be too expensive. Rewarding honest people would be costly to say the least. Hanging the bad ones was cheap. America has two million people in its enormously expensive prisons. But that is cheaper than rewarding the other two hundred and seventy million or so other Americans for not committing crimes.


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