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Man’s Feminine Side

Posted by Bob on June 3rd, 2004 under Musings about Life

A man who is really successful with women has to have a feminine side. My awkwardness with women came from the fact that I felt that they were lovely and attractive and I had nothing to offer. A man who is successful with women must feel that he is attractive, or he will be unable to exploit his attractiveness to them.

To be extremely successful with women, a man must see men as sexually attractive.

But a man who sees men as sexually attractive has something feminine about him. The men who are enormously successful with women, in other words, are part female. This is not a new idea. It is pretty well accepted, in fact.

But there is a natural consequence of the fact that men who are successful with women have a feminine side that has not been discussed. Men who are very successful with women have a strong female side. They will have lots of children. But they are going to produce some male offspring who have too many of those feminine hormones. Some of their male offspring are going to be attracted to men.

I think that is why there are homosexuals.

In the cowboy movies, the Real Men, the heroes, are bachelors. The guys who have wives and raise children are store keepers, farmers, and other tame types. Those who have too many purely masculine hormones probably tend to be some kind of cowboys. They don’t take the effort and they don’t have the talent it takes to attract women.

This could be wrong. After all, I have had thousands of conversations with other men and from what I can tell, I am the only living male who ever had trouble bedding legions of females. Every man I know of except me and Hugh Hefner lost his virginity before he lost his umbilical cord.

Hugh Hefner said he went into the Army as a virgin and he came out of the Army as a virgin. Hefner can afford to admit that. I am too stupid not to.

I think one of my problems with women has been was that I am too male. I would be interested to hear what other guys think is their problem with attracting females. But they will first have to admit they have a problem, so I am not going to hold my breath.

  1. #1 by Wandrin on 10/16/2009 - 4:43 am

    I’ve always been successful with women. Men i’ve known were jealous of my apparent 100% hit rate. However the truth behind my 100% hit rate was, if i entered a room with ten women, i could tell which one liked the look of me and i’d go chat to her. The other nine who i could tell didn’t like the look of me, i didn’t bother with.

    Women who are sexually obvious tend to mostly go for men who are both very masculine but also very transgressive in some way. Most women are much more subtle in their signals (or at least used to be) so i think that may be where the feminine aspect comes in – being able to spot the signals.

    Being the kind that could spot the signals i could also spot them when they were directed at others. I couldn’t count the times i’ve seen a man who was oblivious to what to me was a woman’s blatant (and exasperated) flirting.

    So, it probably happened but you didn’t notice.

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