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Man’s Best Friend

Posted by Bob on June 14th, 2004 under Bob

In the June 13 Blog I mentioned the fact that I got a lot of satisfaction out of buying that fan for the workers at Krystals. As usual with me, I got a good laugh out of it too.

I just walked in with the fan still in the case and handed that and the receipt to the lady there, told her about it, and walked out. One young guy there, sweating and SO grateful he would be getting cool again, said the first thing that entered his mind. He said, “You are man’s best friend!”

I grinned as I walked to my car. It sounds like the sort of thing I would accidentally say when trying to be nice in a hurry.

I hope he knew I had a sense of humor and laughed at it too instead of being embarrassed when he realized what he had said..

He had just called me a dog.

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