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Here’s a Novel Idea: A REAL United Nations

I think we might want to form an informal “REAL United Nations.” This starts with understanding what a NATION is. The so-called United Nations is a meeting of political units, not of nations. The cultuurgemeenschap ( I was posting on a Dutch language board) is a nation, no matter whether it is politically united or not. Poland was a nation when it was territorially divided into pieces of Russia and Prusssia. Ireland was a nation when it was occupied by Britain and considered an integral part of Great Britain politically.

A “nation” is not a political unit. A nation is a living culture

The cultuurgemeenschap is a nation. The South is a nation. Most of the members of United Nations are just old administrative units of European empires that were made into political units. To call them “Nations” is a bad joke.

In Africa, the real nations are the tribes, each of which contains millions of members. But the African “nations” who sit in the so-called “United Nations” are bastard mixes of different tribes whose borders split up the real tribes, the real African nations, because the British and the French and the Belgians set them up that way.

The unity of the white race might be made up of a REAL United Nations.

And we would have a lot of allies in this endeavor who are not white.



Nothing is More Provincial Than Universalism

Communism, liberalism, conservatism, they all claim to be universal. They include people of every race or nationality.

Well, not quite. They include a person of any race or nationality IF HE BELIEVES in their faith. You are a Communist regardless of the color of your skin, but only if you BELIEVE in Communism. The same is true of liberalism. The same is true of conservatism and the political philosophy of every kind of theologue.

The problem is that a person can no more change his actual beliefs by an effort of will than he an change the color of his skin by his own efforts.

All these faiths claim to be universal, but there is nothing universal about them. If you are not a Catholic, you can’t make yourself believe in Catholicism. Yet the very name “catholic” means universal. Evey church calls itself “catholic” or universal. It obviously isn’t.

There is nothing universal about a community of faith, whether the faith is religious or political. From the point of view of a real, thinking individual, his beliefs divide him from communities that call themselves universal as totally as his skin color or his citizenship divides him fom other races and nationalities.

What a group means when it says it is universal is that its MARKET is universal. A “universal” faith has the world to choose from. That is a huge advantage to have over non-universalist groups, but it’s not as inspiring as “unversalist” groups like to pretend it is.

Universalist groups are not only not inspiringly lovely, they tend to be vicious. Religious grops get into nastier wars than cnountries or races do.

There is never a real truce betwen universalists. Countries can set up borders and give other countries peace within their borders. But there can never be a single second when a liberal believes that a conservative does not need to be converted. The Communist must always believe that there is no room for a single Catholic on this planet, and no Moslem can be satisfied while there is a single Infidel on earth, no matter how “moderate” he is.

A moderate Moslem is one who does not believe in forcing others to his faith, but he has an obligation to want everyone to be a Moslem.

All universalists want it all. A nationalist or a racist is perfectly willing to let other races and nations have their space. But no universalist can ever honestly conceded the right of any other belief any room at all on Planet Earth.

That, after all, is exactly why he calls himself a universalist.


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Nothing is More Provincial Than Universalism

You are not supposed to say “the Roman Catholic Church”. You are supposed to say “the Catholic Church”.

Nobody worries about that nowadays because Catholics are fair game for anybody today just like white Southerners are.

Methodists and Presbyterians and Lutherans and Baptists call themselves “catholic,” with the small “c,” because they are open to all mankind.

Communists and liberals and conservatives claim to be catholic too.

Go to a Catholic or a Baptist or a Presbyterian Church and try to take communion. To take communion in a Catholic Church takes a year in catachmen classes.

Anybody can become a Baptist or a Presbyterian once they take the classes and prove to the preacher that they BELIEVE.

In the real world a person cannot change his real beliefs any more than he can change the color of his skin.

Universalists say that if everybody believed what they believe, human conflict would cease. Meanwhile in the world I live in, millions of people are slaughtered by one universalist faith like Communism because they adhere to another universalist faith like Christianity.

Meanwhile us provincials, us racists and nativists and nationalists, can live together in peace.

Us provincialists and racists and nationalists say awful things like. “Stay out of our country, stay away from intermarriage with us, and you can live in your own lands.”

But for univeralists, no one else has any lands of their own. By definition the universalist wants it all. For the universalist there is no “you,” there is no “us.”

So naturally Christians have always killed Christians without mercy. Naturally a true disciple of Allah has no mercy. No advocate of True Communism can afford to allow an enemy of his faith to live.

Every universalist says he comes to bring peace to everyone of every race and nation. And once everyone of every race and nation is a True Believer, there will be peace.

In the meantime, things will be a little rough.



I Will Be Special Guest On Stormfront This Week!

This week I will be the special guest on Stormfront.ORG

I need my readers there mentioning whitakeronline.ORG and my book. I need you badly. It also gives us a chance to talk directly to each other.

You need to register and get used to the site as soon as possible.

When you go to Stormfront.ORG, the first thing you will see is a huge banner advertising me as the special guest this week. So all the info is there.

This is a beautiful setup. I will be in South Carolina, our web specialist is in Florida, the head of Stormfront and editor and participant in the discussion will be Louisiana, and David Duke will be in Moscow. In the 1960s a major television network couldn’t have handled this.

The folks running this are pros.

The website is a thing of beauty. Everything is written, so you don’t have the shouting over you get in verbal discussions. The questions are in order with plenty of space and most of them have a special little logo on the left side with the current writer.

It’s all there so you can catch up when you feel like it.

This is a big deal. In last week’s discussion, Stormfront.ORG got 110,000 READERS — not “hits” — READERS.

I discussed Stormfront.ORG in an earlier blog entry. I said half the logos had Nazi symbolism in them but there wasn’t a Nazi in the bunch. This is just the growing group – FAST growing – that does not want the white race to be overwhelmed or to disappear.

That attitude is a crime these days, you know.

To repeat, I said in the blog that half the people used Nazi symbolism but there wasn’t a Nazi in the bunch.

Well, one guy on Stormfront went through all of what I believe is about THIRTY THOUSAND member logos and said only about 5% had any Nazi implications in them.

Some of those with the Nazi logos agreed with me that they weren’t Nazis, they just put in the most offensive symbol to Political Correctness they could come up with.

Some said they really were Nazis. And a lot more people, as is usual with Whitaker, were wondering what the hell I was talking about when I said there wasn’t a Nazi in the bunch.

If you remember that my specialty is human nature when it applies to politics, you will see what I was talking about.

What I mean is very simple: the kind of people who rebel against Political Correctness today are exactly the same people who would not tolerate a totalitarian government in the future. If a totalitarian government really takes over, today’s respectable conservatives will be the same little sniveling collaborators they are today, licking the Fuhrer’s boots, and a Kennedy will be in the Fuhrer’s cabinet.

You normally register for Stormfront.ORG under a pseudonym. I’m a little less subtle. My pseudonym is Bob Whitaker of whitakeronline and my logo is my picture.

Last week there were over 1,400 questions and answers. It is all written, and it moves fast. But it is all clear and readable and the logos under names are usually beautiful little pieces of art, with the exception of my picture.

Last week the special guest was a linguist who is fluent in seventeen languages. I met him at a meeting where he conducted the meeting in four languages. Normally the questions and answers are almost all in English. They have special sections for other languages, it’s a BIG outfit, but about ten percent of it this time consisted of this linguist writing and answering questions in other languages, including writing in Russian on a special Cyrillic typewriter he must have.

This man, Juergen Graf, is in exile from his native Switzerland for questioning, not the Holocaust itself, but the NUMBER of Jews killed in the Holocaust. That is a felony.

They keep telling me that it is unusual for a person like me to dare to appear in a place like Stormfront.ORG. That is because I have spent my life in regular politics inside the beltway and held high security clearances and jobs with big names. Appearing on Stgormfront.ORG would be considered a capital crime in regular politics.

This is not the first time I have committed a capital crime in regular politics and lived to tell the tale.

They say they appreciate my bravery for doing it.

These are people who mean what they say and will not tolerate being stopped from saying it. There are intellectual giants and martyrs who have spent years in prison for speaking out and who live in exile for speaking out.

And THEY are grateful to ME for being a special guest? THEY tell ME I have courage?

When anyone has the kind of moral courage that Stormfront leaders take for granted in themselves, the MORAL courage I treasure above any other human quality, I am honored to be counted among them.



How to Spot a Flake

When you are working for the cause the way I do, there are certain types of people you need to sum up fast and avoid even faster.

I have told you abut the dyspeptic old men whose constant theme is, “All is lost! The world is going to hell!”

Get away from them and treat them like the enemies they are. A defeatist is always the best friend the enemy has.

Another group to get away from is the flakes.

When you start to talk about strategy or a diagnosis of the situation that you have been thinking about for along time, the flake will interrupt you and say, “Did you hear about the woman who was raped by a bunch of illegal immigrants in El Paso?’

You try to explain how some fundamental attitudes have changed in America over the last couple of decades and want to discuss how we can use that change.

The flake says, “The black birth rate is huge. Did you read that article in the Panic Gazette about the growth in the black population of Sinkhole, Missouri?”

What I am thinking is, “No, I didn’t spend the last fifty years predicting all this. I was in a Trappist Monastery with no access to newspapers.”

When the flake starts explaining to me how Bush has secret foot odor, I tell him I am busy.

And that is the last thing you ought to EVER say to a flake.


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Give the Devil and Fritz Hollings Their Due

A reader objected to my praise of Senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings for saying what we all know, that the War in Iraq is being fought for Israel.

He said Fritz was an awful man and a traitor to the South. Every point he made about how Fritz Hollings was an awful man was exactly right.

He did not even mention what was the most important point to me, that Fritz was such a blatant race traitor.

In my reply to this reader, below, I made it clear that I had hated Hollings for many years. But he did something that was desperately necessary in his open criticism of Israel.

Politics is not a competition for Mr. Nice Guy. At the center of power of the most powerful country on earth, it is played for keeps. Anybody who talks about Ole Strom or laughs at Reagan’s harmless old guy image is being fooled by images that are carefully crafted.

If you saw the raw power Ole Strom or bumbling Saturday Night Live Ronald Reagan really disposed of, you wouldn’t sleep at night. I repeat, this game is for keeps.

So if you think that bumbling old Fritz seems to have said some unguarded things about Israel, you just don’t get it. It was a heroic act and very few people will ever appreciate it.

Here is my reply to the reader who wrote me the e-mail. As I have begged people to do, he made it short, he wrote it himself, and it was to the point. If he gives me permission I will reprint it.

It was entitled “Good Riddance to Fritz”:

My reply:

I have hated Fritz since he bragged he had led the pack in demanding that Bob Jones lose its tax deductible status when it banned interracial dating. Even the National Council of Churches backed Bob Jones on that one.

That was back when Fritz was trying get liberal pats on the head. He sold South Carolina and white people out and he expected to get paid for it.

All you say is true, but give even the Devil his due. Fritz is old, but he’s not dead. He could have gotten a lot of the praise and professorships Southern traitors live for, like Beasley. He just had to shut up about Israel.

He gave up a lot by telling the truth.

I think one motivation was spite. He sold out South Carolina so he could be national candidate. They didn’t even consider him for the vice presidential nomination.

Hell hath no fury like a Southern turncoat who doesn’t get paid off.

And this year, Hollings realizes he is paying the price. He has spent decades as the junior Senator from South Carolina, and he is finally the senior senator. He could be the Elder Statesman right now. But he can’t get reelected.

You think Fritz is dead now. He doesn’t think so. He would love to spend the next six or twelve years as the senior Senator and the Elder Statesman. But now he has no future. So he is telling it like it is.

When a man does a good thing, give him credit for it.

If you think he has low motivations while you are a paragon of truth, you may be right. You may be paragon of morality, but I know damned well that I’m not.

And that is where I am coming from.

Good riddance to Fritz Hollings. But he went out with class.


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Drug Addiction Specialists Are in Outer Space

I told you before that I spent a lot of years in alcohol and drug recovery. I told you about you about The Fifth Step which should be useful for you to know about.

Recently someone in our recovery club read a quote from some medical journal that went something like this:

“it is important that people in recovery be denied access to dangerous drugs.” There then followed a very serious discussion of how addicts could be protected from the availability of such narcotics.

We all got a big laugh out of it.

If you don’t get the joke, don’t worry about it. There is no reason you should spend much time thinking about the ins and outs of this program. But if you think about it a minute, you will see what made us laugh.

If you spend years in prison, there is very little you don’t know about how to commit crimes. If you spend years getting addicts off drugs, there is damned little you don’t know about getting hold of drugs.

There was not a person sitting in that room who could not have jumped in his car and been back in half an hour, not just with cocaine or heroin, but with the best quality of heroin of cocaine or heroin. We know where it is. We know how to bargain for it. We know how to threaten for it.

A desperate junkie can’t do that. We could. So a serious discussion of how to protect addicts from access to dangerous drugs struck us as funny.

I have seen many, many young addicts who decided suddenly to go back on drugs in a city that was completely strange to them. It was amazing. They were back in fifteen minutes high as a kite. So some doctor is going to deny them access to dangerous drugs?

Gimme a break!


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Flyover Country

I have just been watching a biography of Carol O’Connor.

You remember he was the star of “All in the Family.” He was Archie Bunker.

A lot of people don’t remember that. Every day less people do.

How about Roseanne? She was wildly popular in her day.

That day is gone.

Back then the idea of having an American “bigot” on television was a big deal. After the show caught on a popular book came out, “The Wit and Wisdom of Archie Bunker.” There were lots of bumper stickers, “Archie Bunker for President.”

Carol O’Connor was stunned by the popularity of his character. He was so sure the show would be a flop that he would not show up for the recording of the first episode unless the studio gave him a round trip ticket to his home in Italy.

After All in the Family became a hit O’Connor kept insuring people that he was nothing like Archie Bunker. Jean Stapleton and everybody else on the show kept testifying that O’Connor had not a trace of political heresy in his entire makeup. He was Irish, but he was not THAT kind of Irish.

THAT kind of Irish consisted of working class types like those in South Boston, the ones who fought racial busing. As I have bragged before, I am an Honorary Southie myself.

Roseanne was a wild hit in its day, too. Roseanne was working class on her show, but she let everybody know that she herself was a good Jewish woman without a trace of political heresy in her being.

In their day, Archie Bunker and Roseanne were a big deal. When the network finally dared air the first Archie Bunker show, they had a Political Warning first. Back then all three networks were run out of New York by the same people and nothing that offended New York Politically Correct Opinion was even considered.

Back then a balanced political debate was a discussion involving two liberal Republicans and three liberal Democrats.

No, I am not exaggerating.

In those days the only places that mattered were Hollywood and New York. The rest of America was referred to as “flyover country.”

And they meant it.

No, I am not exaggerating.


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