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Politics and Money

Posted by Bob on August 12th, 2004 under How Things Work

During World War II the United States had a top secret operation, now a matter of public record, called “Operation Underworld.” It worked with the Mafia. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover was, of course, very much in on it.

In the 1950s and 1960s J. Edgar Hoover insisted publicly that “The Mafia is a myth”. He did that because he couldn’t do anything about organized crime, so he declared it wasn’t there.

New York City paid more than double for its garbage collection because it had to deal with the Mafia. Everybody knew that. This went on for decades, until Mayor Giuliani took over.

You may wonder about how people in Washington get their extra money. You can’t do all that they do and live the way they live on a government salary and no expenses.

So almost every major political activist has some kind of group that raises money and pays him a salary and expenses. Staffers in congress do this routinely.

The left says it represents “the middle class.” Meanwhile, back in the real world, liberal staffers set up some kind of “Save the Spotted Owl” group that gets its money from government and big foundation grants.

On the right, they set up groups that use direct mail to raise money. They find some issue that will excite the grass roots folks right now and set up a group on that issue.

Someone forwarded me an email titled “Will they draft your daughters?” It talks about women being moved into combat roles and the pressure today (mostly from conservatives, though the article doesn’t mention THAT) to renew the draft.

I smell gold. A “National Committee to Prevent the Drafting of Women” might just be a money-maker.

The person who sent this also asked me if this subject might be discussed in Whitaker Online. They could have sent me a forward on pornography and asked if that will be discussed in Whitaker Online.

Not bloody likely. I talked about things like that when there was still time to do something about it.

Being outraged too late is what respectable conservatives are for. That is the sort of thing people who give them money obsess over.

Whitaker Online says the things respectable conservatives do not say, the sort of things that the conservatives grassroots does not contribute for.

You know, stuff that’s in the paper right now.

I was warning about the path that led to women in combat long ago, when conservatives were raising money on whatever it is that excited them at the time. I warned about offending people with the promotion of interracial sex. But all the conservatives said it was fine to offend people who did not want to see black-white coupling at the movies or on TV. The precedents they approved of then are now used to justify offending parents who do not want their children to see homosexual sex now.

So conservatives are making lots of money being shocked and astonished at the promotion of homosexual sex. They can raise money on this belated campaign against drafting women.

Meanwhile, Whitaker Online has serious work to do.

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