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“Reader” Books

Posted by Bob on August 14th, 2004 under Insider Letter Archive

Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood is not just a book, it is a campaign. I would like you on our team.

I always need people to talk it up, and I would appreciate your doing that. But I also need someone to perform another function. I need someone to STUDY the book.

I have what I call “reader” books. They are books where I can open to any page and read a few minutes. Eric Hoffer wrote books like that. Some history books are like that, especially the old ones.

I wish you would make my book a “reader” book. Keep it handy and read it when you have a few minutes to fill between tasks or when you’re waiting.

Many of my reader books eventually got warped from my reading them in the bath tub. But I remember almost everything in them. I would love to send the author my thoughts as I go along. With this project, you can do that.

Don’t make it WORK, though. If my book is not interesting that way, you can tell me how to make it a better reader book.

When I was young, I used to wander around reading Hoffer and other reader books as reader books. That’s where my real education came from. It would be wonderful if we could get a few young people to do that.

I need that. Our team needs that.

That’s what Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood is really for. A few young minds latching on to my book as a reader book would be armed warriors against the lies, just as I was. They will be more lifelong warriors like me.

You could help me make it that kind of book. If it isn’t a good reader book for you, tell me what I can do to make it so.

Young people and their reader books determine the future of the world.

Many of my reader books were medical history. I was already prepared for the liberal professors of our primitive social sciences when I got to college because I already knew in detail about the insanity of primitive medicine. I was not intimidated by a University Doctor talking completely destructive insanity. On the contrary, I expected it.

A few people like that would win our battles for us. That’s what I meant when I said this is more a campaign than a book. This is not intended to be just another book one agrees or disagrees with. It is a weapon people need to keep with them the way a soldier bears his arms. It is a surprise attack on every stupid liberal and respectable conservative argument.

This is a war, and a far more important war than soldiers fight. War heroes make no difference in history. Half a dozen young people who had this as their reader book could make more difference to history than any division of troops I have ever heard of.

You may find an exception or two, but the work you will have to do that will prove my point.

Make this your weapon, and tell me how to do that better. This is not just a book, this is a call to revolution. Read it, reread it.

Join my team.


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