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Fritz Hollings Speaks the Truth

Posted by Bob on August 19th, 2004 under Political Correctness

Outgoing Senator Fritz Hollings, with emphasis on the “outgoing,” said that America’s invasion of Iraq was for Israel. He said everybody in Washington knows that.

Well, I think every reasonably intelligent person knows he is telling the exact truth, but somebody else who was a Washington insider needs to say so.

As far as Capitol Hill is concerned, Bob Whitaker is not just “outgoing,” he is outgone, but I WAS big stuff.

I was small potatoes compared to Fritz Hollings when I as at my most powerful, and I am barely burnt out fritters by now, but Fritz is dead right, and he is also right that everybody up there knows it.

Fritz Hollings is showing some courage nobody will give him credit for.

When David Beasley sold out the Confederate flag and lost reelection for it, Harvard gave him the Hero of the Soviet Union, sorry I mean the John F. Kennedy Profiles in Courage Award for it. Then the John F. Kennedy Foundation gave him a job at Harvard until it came time to go back down to South Carolina and run for Senate.

If a one-term governor can get stuff like that for saying what the establishment wants said, what could a forty-year senator from South Carolina get for saying what Political Correctness wants said?

Fritz could have gotten three professorships, six Board of Directors jobs and nineteen honorary degrees for Incredible Courage if he had just kept his mouth shut.

Screw it, said Hollings, I am going to commit the worst heresy I can. I am going to jump on the Sacredest of the Sacred Cows, Israel Itself.

Let me repeat this: absolutely no one in Washington has the slightest doubt that what Hollings said is dead accurate. But nobody, and I mean NOBODY, has the guts to say it.

This is from an old political enemy: Thank you, Senator. I am honored that you are from my home state.

I would be deeply grateful if any reader would convey this from me to the Senator:

Earnest “Fritz” Hollings, I have been your opponent since I supported you for governor in 1958. But in the end, we are both patriots. In the end we are both devoted to the truth. We are both old fashioned South Carolinians who have this crazy urge to tell the truth.

Senator Ernest “Fritz” Hollings, I honor you.

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