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Drug Addiction Specialists Are in Outer Space

Posted by Bob on August 20th, 2004 under How Things Work

I told you before that I spent a lot of years in alcohol and drug recovery. I told you about you about The Fifth Step which should be useful for you to know about.

Recently someone in our recovery club read a quote from some medical journal that went something like this:

“it is important that people in recovery be denied access to dangerous drugs.” There then followed a very serious discussion of how addicts could be protected from the availability of such narcotics.

We all got a big laugh out of it.

If you don’t get the joke, don’t worry about it. There is no reason you should spend much time thinking about the ins and outs of this program. But if you think about it a minute, you will see what made us laugh.

If you spend years in prison, there is very little you don’t know about how to commit crimes. If you spend years getting addicts off drugs, there is damned little you don’t know about getting hold of drugs.

There was not a person sitting in that room who could not have jumped in his car and been back in half an hour, not just with cocaine or heroin, but with the best quality of heroin of cocaine or heroin. We know where it is. We know how to bargain for it. We know how to threaten for it.

A desperate junkie can’t do that. We could. So a serious discussion of how to protect addicts from access to dangerous drugs struck us as funny.

I have seen many, many young addicts who decided suddenly to go back on drugs in a city that was completely strange to them. It was amazing. They were back in fifteen minutes high as a kite. So some doctor is going to deny them access to dangerous drugs?

Gimme a break!


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