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How to Spot a Flake

When you are working for the cause the way I do, there are certain types of people you need to sum up fast and avoid even faster.

I have told you abut the dyspeptic old men whose constant theme is, “All is lost! The world is going to hell!”

Get away from them and treat them like the enemies they are. A defeatist is always the best friend the enemy has.

Another group to get away from is the flakes.

When you start to talk about strategy or a diagnosis of the situation that you have been thinking about for along time, the flake will interrupt you and say, “Did you hear about the woman who was raped by a bunch of illegal immigrants in El Paso?’

You try to explain how some fundamental attitudes have changed in America over the last couple of decades and want to discuss how we can use that change.

The flake says, “The black birth rate is huge. Did you read that article in the Panic Gazette about the growth in the black population of Sinkhole, Missouri?”

What I am thinking is, “No, I didn’t spend the last fifty years predicting all this. I was in a Trappist Monastery with no access to newspapers.”

When the flake starts explaining to me how Bush has secret foot odor, I tell him I am busy.

And that is the last thing you ought to EVER say to a flake.


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