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I Will Be Special Guest On Stormfront This Week!

This week I will be the special guest on Stormfront.ORG

I need my readers there mentioning whitakeronline.ORG and my book. I need you badly. It also gives us a chance to talk directly to each other.

You need to register and get used to the site as soon as possible.

When you go to Stormfront.ORG, the first thing you will see is a huge banner advertising me as the special guest this week. So all the info is there.

This is a beautiful setup. I will be in South Carolina, our web specialist is in Florida, the head of Stormfront and editor and participant in the discussion will be Louisiana, and David Duke will be in Moscow. In the 1960s a major television network couldn’t have handled this.

The folks running this are pros.

The website is a thing of beauty. Everything is written, so you don’t have the shouting over you get in verbal discussions. The questions are in order with plenty of space and most of them have a special little logo on the left side with the current writer.

It’s all there so you can catch up when you feel like it.

This is a big deal. In last week’s discussion, Stormfront.ORG got 110,000 READERS — not “hits” — READERS.

I discussed Stormfront.ORG in an earlier blog entry. I said half the logos had Nazi symbolism in them but there wasn’t a Nazi in the bunch. This is just the growing group – FAST growing – that does not want the white race to be overwhelmed or to disappear.

That attitude is a crime these days, you know.

To repeat, I said in the blog that half the people used Nazi symbolism but there wasn’t a Nazi in the bunch.

Well, one guy on Stormfront went through all of what I believe is about THIRTY THOUSAND member logos and said only about 5% had any Nazi implications in them.

Some of those with the Nazi logos agreed with me that they weren’t Nazis, they just put in the most offensive symbol to Political Correctness they could come up with.

Some said they really were Nazis. And a lot more people, as is usual with Whitaker, were wondering what the hell I was talking about when I said there wasn’t a Nazi in the bunch.

If you remember that my specialty is human nature when it applies to politics, you will see what I was talking about.

What I mean is very simple: the kind of people who rebel against Political Correctness today are exactly the same people who would not tolerate a totalitarian government in the future. If a totalitarian government really takes over, today’s respectable conservatives will be the same little sniveling collaborators they are today, licking the Fuhrer’s boots, and a Kennedy will be in the Fuhrer’s cabinet.

You normally register for Stormfront.ORG under a pseudonym. I’m a little less subtle. My pseudonym is Bob Whitaker of whitakeronline and my logo is my picture.

Last week there were over 1,400 questions and answers. It is all written, and it moves fast. But it is all clear and readable and the logos under names are usually beautiful little pieces of art, with the exception of my picture.

Last week the special guest was a linguist who is fluent in seventeen languages. I met him at a meeting where he conducted the meeting in four languages. Normally the questions and answers are almost all in English. They have special sections for other languages, it’s a BIG outfit, but about ten percent of it this time consisted of this linguist writing and answering questions in other languages, including writing in Russian on a special Cyrillic typewriter he must have.

This man, Juergen Graf, is in exile from his native Switzerland for questioning, not the Holocaust itself, but the NUMBER of Jews killed in the Holocaust. That is a felony.

They keep telling me that it is unusual for a person like me to dare to appear in a place like Stormfront.ORG. That is because I have spent my life in regular politics inside the beltway and held high security clearances and jobs with big names. Appearing on Stgormfront.ORG would be considered a capital crime in regular politics.

This is not the first time I have committed a capital crime in regular politics and lived to tell the tale.

They say they appreciate my bravery for doing it.

These are people who mean what they say and will not tolerate being stopped from saying it. There are intellectual giants and martyrs who have spent years in prison for speaking out and who live in exile for speaking out.

And THEY are grateful to ME for being a special guest? THEY tell ME I have courage?

When anyone has the kind of moral courage that Stormfront leaders take for granted in themselves, the MORAL courage I treasure above any other human quality, I am honored to be counted among them.