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Pro-Life Versus Pro-White

Someone on Stormfront was trying to deal with all the fanatical pro-lifers. They were trying to explain that their interest was in saving our race, not pro-life and prayer in school.

This was my attempt to back them up:

I am with you. If somebody’s big interest is abortion or Family Protection, Jerry Falwell is their man.

Those people are a pain. I have to sit around and deal with their hangups. It’s like having a white supremacist Jew in your organization.

Some Jews are really fanatical white supremacists. But you always have to be careful what you say around them. You can relax and say almost anything, even if it has nothing to do with Jews, and they suddenly decide you are Hitler.

These pro-life fanatics are exactly like Jews. You never know when they are going to suddenly decide that you are anti-life. You are suddenly Satan Himself.

If I were a baby about to be born into a brown world, I would BEG to be aborted. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto unto you.”

But that was just Jesus who said that.

If you are the Chosen People who own the Law the way Jews and professional pro-lifers do Jesus is just an asterisk at the end of the Old Testament.

They say, “Seventy percent of the Bible is the OLD Testament.”

The Jews and the extreme pro-lifers have a God of their own. They own Him. They represent Him.

So my attitude, my obsession, is pure Satanism.

My aim is to save my race.


It happens that saving my race is critical to making life worth living for all of humanity. But even if it weren’t, I would fight for the preservation of my own race.

I have to humor anyone who has another agenda.

The minute somebody says he is a big pro-lifer on Stormfront, I put him in the Jew category, the “Other Agenda” category.

But not for a second do I forget that this is a wonderful person. In a world where the only allowable opinion is to be anti-white, he is a person who, somewhere among his many priorities, wants to PRESERVE my race.

At the same time I never forget that this person, Jew or pro-life, is one of the Chosen People first. My race is FAR down his list of priorities.

I am grateful that he is a friend of my race. I am happy when a Jew is a genuine friend of my race, despite all the pressures he faces.

Professional pro-lifers are fighting to get third world children adopted into all-white areas, but here is a pro-lifer who resists all that and is still for my race. I appreciate that deeply.

But saving my race is ONE of his priorities.

He is NOT a comrade.

If you treat him just right and say all the right things, he can be an ally.

Bless that person with all of your heart, but keep your distance.



Every Slave Had Freedom of Speech

People always say that freedom of speech means you can say anything you want to SO LONG AS IT DOES NOT DO HARM OR OFFEND SOMEBODY.

Every slave on every plantation in the Old South had that kind of freedom. He could say anything that did not offend anybody. He could do anything that did not offend anybody.

His only problem was that the list of things he could not say or do because it would offend somebody was very, very, very long.

Every citizen of a Communist country or the average African country has exactly that kind of freedom. The Soviet Constitution of 1936, the one Stalin wrote, guaranteed freedom of speech. But under Stalin, the list of things that would offend or infringe on other people was a bit long.

The Nazi Gestapo under Hitler genuinely believed that if you said something nice about Jews you were doing an evil thing that hurt people. So they arrested you. The German government of today genuinely believes that if you say anything bad about Jews you are not only being offensive, you are evil. So they arrest you and the minimum prison sentence is one year.

So they have freedom of speech, but there are little “exceptions” you serve hard time for.

To repeat, everybody says,
“Freedom of speech means you can say anything you want to SO LONG AS IT DOES NOT DO HARM OR OFFEND SOMEBODY.”

And only Ole Bob will tell you how ridiculous it is for an adult to say something as silly as that.

Freedom is the right to offend or harm others. There is no such thing as a harmless freedom.

Like every other freedom, a slogan won’t give you freedom of speech. Freedom is BALANCING your rights with other people’s rights, and giving your own rights a LOT of space.



“Men and Women are Just Alike”

Yes, it sounds nuts.

But I remember that from the 1970s through the early 1990s, Fashionable Opinion said that. A person would look you straight in the eye and say, “Men and women are just alike,” just as people will look you straight in the eye today and say, “Race doesn’t exist.”

Every professor of biology or genetics who hoped to get tenure or get published or get promoted would have to say: “Women and men are just alike.”

As I said in the book you can find at


“If Political Correctness needs for frogs to have hooves, ten thousand professors will line up to testify that frogs have hooves.”

During all those years, because of Women’s Liberation, you had to BELIEVE that if you gave dolls to little boys and toy guns to little girls, boys would act like girls and girls would act like boys.

That fad ended about ten years ago and I am the only person on earth who remembers it. It had nothing to do with Iraq. It has nothing to do with how evil Clinton is. It has nothing to do with Bush.

So it’s gone.

It’s too damned silly for anyone to remember it was once Gospel.


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Professors and Other Rubes

Every con man who has ever lived has fooled the rubes, the suckers, the hicks, with the following phrase:

“Things are not as they appear.”

Did God give us eyes or did Evolution give us eyes? God or evolution, the reason we have eyes is because things ARE as they appear.

What a con man does to a hick, a rube, a moron is to get something from him for nothing.

So he says, “What you get from me APPEARS to be nothing. But things are not as they appear.”

Somewhere in me there is a Bob Whitaker who screams in rage when I take organized religion seriously. That Bob says:

“Preacher, if you mean what you say you will be like St. Paul and make tents for a living. Preacher, if you are serious you will be like St. Peter and work for a living.”

Somewhere in me is a Bob Whitaker who says, “No, Family Values or Equality or We Owe it to So-and-So means nothing.”

When you preach at me, the Diplomatic Bob Whitaker pretends to take you seriously.

But inside me there is a voice saying, “I am not a moron. I am not a hick or a rube or a professor or a New York City provincial. I am Bob Whitaker, and what you are saying doesn’t mean a damned thing.”



Identical Twins

Just a few years ago there was a huge fad on television. People would find identical twins who had been separated at birth and adopted separately, and reunite them.

These identical twins were raised in totally different families with totally different Family Values. Some were raised by poor, uneducated families. Their twins were raised by well-to-do, highly educated families.

Some were raised by Catholics. Some were raised by Jews. Some were raised by atheists and others by Protestants.

It was GREAT television. Most of the identical twins didn’t even know they had a twin.

Identical twins have EXACTLY the same genes. They even have the same fingerprints. When the twins met for the first time they discovered there were incredible similarities between them, no matter how different the families were in which they were raised.

Identical twins separated at birth commit the same crimes at the same age. They prefer the same toothpaste, they marry similar women at a similar age.

And on and on and on.

Same jobs. Same intelligence. Same, same, same. On the television shows the identical twins who had recently discovered each other would talk about how the other twin “is me.” It was fascinating.

I saw this this fad of identical twins end with a sudden crash.

A man had gotten together identical TRIPLETS, none of whom was aware of the other. It was such a big deal it was on Phil Donahue.

The whole thing was going great until Phil Donahue dropped a bomb on the guy he was interviewing, the man who had gotten the triplets together. Donahue said, “Doesn’t this favor those who believe that heredity is more important than environment?”

The guy he was interviewing, the guy who had found the identical triplets, looked like he had been slapped in the face.

He knew very well that “heredity” means “Hitler.” Donahue had just accused him of being anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

“No, no, no,” he said. The fact that identical twins raised in completely different families and totally different families were just alike didn’t mean heredity was important.

On that day the identical twin fad ended totally. Before that show there had been at least two dozen national shows about identical twins being reunited. After Donahue reminded the media what that identical twin stuff meant, there was not one more “identical twins reunite” show. The ones already scheduled were suddenly cancelled.

In my book I talk about the greatest identical twins study ever made. A thousand identical twins raised in totally different environments from the time they were less than two weeks old were compared.

In Russia, the environments that children are raised in are VERY different. But the twins were astoundingly alike in every way: crime, talents, intelligence tests.

Same, same, same.

This study was conducted by the Medicogenetical Institute of Moscow.

Heredity is HERESY to the political left.

The Medicogenetical identical twins came out in 1934, when Stalin ruled Russia. Stalin wiped them out. The Institute ceased to exist. The head of the Medicogenetical Institute “confessed his ideological error” and was shot.

All identical twin studies come out that way. So no one talks about them.

“Your life,” they say, “is shaped by your family values and how you were raised.”

That is Gospel on the political left. That is Gospel on the political right.

It’s not true.



The Magic of Mathematics

“One test is worth a hundred expert opinions.”

That is the basis of Western science.

Every other society depends on absolutely nothing but “expert opinions.”

Aristotle said that men had one more tooth than women did, and every “intellectual” believed it for two thousand years.

If a man did not have one more tooth than a woman, why would Aristotle have said it?

If you counted teeth and found that women had the same number of teeth as men, intellectuals would patiently explain to you that the man’s extra tooth fell out.

But today you could make a valid statistical study and PROVE that, from your one thousand samples, the odds are a billion to one that Aristotle was wrong.

The developement of Western science is a slow movement from Oriental Wisdom to simple arithmetic. In fact, the actual science of statistics was first developed just over a century ago.

But long before statistics was developed in modern terms, the West had learned that if you actually COUNT and TEST, the words of some fat Great Philosopher sitting there babbling while children starve around him don’t mean a damned thing.



Reply to Joe R

Joe R says Californians like him have Southern sympathies. This was my reply:

Joe, that’s why I said the Old Confederacy et al.

National Review KEPT saying Tennessee was a border state, but they stopped that after they published two letters from me asking whatthehell. Buckley’s sister answered me personally on that.

The group that runs National Review now REALLY hates the South, but that statement has not been made since.

Even Senator Baker of Tennessee, turncoat of turncoats, referred to “Our blessed South.”

In a cover article for the Southern Partisan years ago I discussed “Southern Nationalism.” I pointed out that the South IS a nation. It is not a political unit. When Ireland was politically an integral part of Great Britain it was still a nation. When Poland was repeatedly split up into partitions by Prussia, Austria, and Russia, Poland was still a nation.

Less than a year ago the Prime Minister of the Holy Land Jehovists worship said that Hitler “killed six million people of our nation.” Israel did not exist when Hitler was alive, but everybody understood exactly what he meant.

Contrary to what the Jehovists say, white gentiles like the Irish and Poles and Southerners are human, and they have nations too.

A nation exists in the mind, not on a map.

People like you are part of our nation even if they’ve never seen the South.



Did You Know That Puerto Ricans are southerners?

A capital letter makes all the difference. When you say Southerners, you are being specific. When you say southerners, you are speaking of anybody from the southern parts of the United States.

Puerto Rico is the southernmost large area of the United States. Puerto Ricans are southerners, but they are not Southerners.

Hawaii is south of the Rio Grande. Hawaiians are southerners. They are not Southerners.

Most people think that San Francisco is in northern California. Actually it is about the middle of the California coast. San Francisco is also south of the northern border of the Old Confederacy. So over eighty percent of the population of California is made up of southerners.

The South is something else again. When you capitalize it, you mean the Old Confederacy, et al.

If you say “the south” you are not just being insulting, you are being wrong.

I wrote this to William Buckley a couple of years back, and he actually put it in his “Notes and Asides” in National Review. And he agreed with me! If you say southerners when you mean Southerners, you are simply using bad English.

But the present editors of National Review hate the white race and they hate the South as only a conservative who is desperately trying to be respectable can hate the white race and the South. They always make it southerners and the south for a very specific reason: they mean it to be an insult.

But it isn’t just insulting; it is bad English.

What is particularly ironic is that California liberals and respectable conservatives militantly put the south in the lower case. They are making THEMSELVES southerners, which is the last thing on earth they mean to do.