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I Love Comments!

The first thing I do when I drag myself out of my coffin in the morning is to look here for comments.

It is a real disappointment when I look at the bottom of an article and see that (0) as the number of comments. This is my personal place. This is my personal talk. This is my personal conversation, and you know what happens to people who just talk to themselves.

Seriously, though, Don and Elizabeth have been doing most of the comments, and I appreciate them deeply. I don’t want to discourage them. But I would like to have some more people drop a line here.

A couple of the statements here were very hostile. That’s fine with me. You don’t spend a lifetime in politics and expect people to be nice to you all the time. Insults are a dime a dozen, and I will look beneath the anger to see if there is something I need to answer or something I need to change or reconsider.

At least the people who insult me give a damn about what I’m talking about, and for a political fanatic like me, the subject is a lot more important to me than one more negative opinion.

Look, not only do I write this mess, I put my name on it. If I am ready to face embarrassment like that, the least you can do is to make a few comments under an assumed name.



Ego? Me?

A reader said that I am an egomaniac.

Let me start my reply by referring to an old joke. There was an eleven-foot-tall man at the circus. He told people that he was eleven feet tall at the circus, but when he went on vacation, he was a midget.

Do you want me to claim that I am really a midget?

A professor friend of mine recently wrote me an e-mail. He said the first time he met me was at a cocktail party at the University of Virginia. He heard that there was this South Carolina racist who was tearing everybody apart who tried to argue with him.

This really impressed him because this was one of the top graduate schools on earth. Two of my professors later won Nobel Prizes. One of my fellow students became Reagan’s OMB Director. But the buzz was that nobody could argue with Bob. He made them look like morons.

My analogy test showed I had an IQ of 160. He said he thought my real IQ was higher than that.

The whole point of WhitakerOnline is that I see things the experts and PhDs don’t. I am up for a debate with any professor on earth, and none of them will dare take me up on it.

Just how many people can say that?

So what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to say I may seem smart but I’m a moron on my days off?

I get along with working people because I respect them. What the average working man is willing to sacrifice just because he thinks it’s right is awesome.

No working man is going to tell me he is a better electrician than I am because we both know he IS a better electrician than I am.

But I despise a PhD who says he should tell working people what to do because he is a Great Intellectual. I am a better intellectual than he is.

Professors and PhDs put everything on the idea that they are very, very smart. They say they should decide what working people watch on TV, because working people will just choose what they LIKE to watch, and these Great Intellectuals should tell them what they NEED to watch.

I resent that. I don’t compete with a working man, but by God I tell those self-styled Geniuses where to go.

And the West Virginia coal miners, the Louisville electricians, the South Carolina mill workers, the Chicago steel workers and the Boston Southies have cheered me on.

They need one person like me to put those self-styled Intellectuals in their place.

With my huge ego, I tell those self-styled Intellectuals that, compared to me, they are dunces. And I back it up.

None of them would dare take me on in a debate.

So again, what am I supposed to do? Am I supposed to claim I’m not all that smart?

If I’m not smarter than the average bear, why the hell should you listen to me?



Soldiers for Hire

I mentioned that I woke up in the middle of the presidential debates when Kerry said, “The borders must be protected” and Bush countered with “The borders must be closed.”

I went back to sleep when I realized they were talking about IRAQ’s borders.

But for a few moments there I felt like I was living in another world, some sort of Alternative Universe where the presidential nominees of both parties were talking about protecting AMERICA’S borders.

It was like the otherworldy feeling you would get if you found a documentary condemning black criminals for the fact that policemen tend to pick on blacks.

That will never happen.

But I got that feeling when I saw the History Channel’s documentary “Soldiers for Hire.”

Until that documentary was made the official line was that real combat mercenaries don’t exist.

J. Edgar Hoover couldn’t deal with organized crime so he said the Mafia was a myth. Another official myth is that race doesn’t exist.

Another official myth has been that mercenary soldiers don’t exist. I have seen several documentaries that showed some fat white man in Africa who got into trouble because they said they were mercenaries.

The official myth has always been that Soldiers of Fortune magazine is just a place where Vietnam vets rehash their fighting days.

Suddenly the History Channel had a documentary on mercenaries, a.k.a. mercs, the way I was used to them.

It would have been incredible enough if the History Channel had simply admitted that serious mercs existed. Just seeing that would have made me feel I was going nuts. But the History Channel went even further. It pointed out that mercs are not just bloodthirsty paid killers, but pros.

Not only are they pros, they are pros who care. And they are pros who can do things a whole army can’t do.

This was too much. I started getting dizzy.

I am searching for an explanation for this sudden turnabout in the “Mercs don’t exist” line. Maybe the explanation is that they did such a great job in the Serbian situation where all the liberals were against the Serbians.

You can watch “Soldiers for Hire” and extrapolate, extrapolate, exptrapolate, and you will know a lot of Cold War history that never occurred to you before.

Mercs are hired killers, murderers, and some of the best people who ever walked the earth. Terrorists are not afraid of World Opinion. But they are terrified of a merc.