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Grow Up!!

“A liberal is a person who has not outgrown his college education.”


The first line is from my book, Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood, the last two words were added by my book team.

Nothing would infuriate liberals more than this. The biggest selling point of liberalism is that it is what smart, serious people do. Every rube tries to show he is not a rube by becoming “progressive” in his politics. They cannot STAND to be ridiculed.

If you want to put up some leaflets for the book, this would be the one that will give you the greatest satisfaction. It would make a hell of a bumper sticker.

The reason putting this one up would give you personal satisfaction is because it is guaranteed to make every liberal want to shout, exactly the way they have made you want to shout all those years with their control of the media.

In fact, what you really should do is go back and see how long that flyer stays up. We could have another flyer to stick up that says, “There was a flyer here that pointed out that a liberal is a person who has not grown out of his college education. It was torn down because it hit home.”

This is just a first suggestion. You can do what you want to do. You can get satisfaction from knowing you are hitting liberals where they live.

Another thing you can do is complain if the flyers are taken down. Everybody has forgotten this, but YOU pay for the colleges and universities. They have no place for the opinion of the public that pays for the school.

If you have the courage and the will, you could go to the college authorities and ask them where you, as a member of the public, CAN post your opinions on the campus. You could make the point of the book better than the book does. The book will give you plenty of ammunition.

But when you go and ask where your taxpayer’s opinion can be posted, you are right down to the point of Why Johnny Can’t Think, which is, why do universities not only pay professors to give out their opinions on campus, but ban you from doing it? You will be told they are professors. In other words, only professors ordain other professors. They give EACH OTHER the right to your money, and to our next generation.

You can personally demand a place for PUBLIC opinion on the campuses the PUBLIC pays for. And don’t APOLOGIZE for doing it. If you pay for it, it’s yours.

It reminds me of a bumper sticker I once saw, “As a Matter of Fact, I DO Own the Roads.”

As a matter of fact, if the universities weren’t your business, you wouldn’t have to pay for them.