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My Cynicism

Everybody agrees that the Norsemen wrote only a few inscriptions on stone, while the Romans were literate. This means that the Norse and Germanic peoples wrote nothing except when they produced perfect runic script on stone.

All the preachers agree that almost the entire Jewish population in 69 AD was in Israel. Their entire attitude about Jews is based on the idea that all the Jews were driven out of Israel in 69 AD and that someday the Jews will come back to their homeland.

There were six million Jews in the Roman Empire. The total population of Israel, Samaritans included, was a couple of hundred thousand.

When I point out facts that, I show that the professors and preachers are just plain silly.

Nobody says I’m wrong. They say I am being “cynical.”

A cynic makes fun of the people he is criticizing. In almost every case, when you expose the absurdity of today’s accepted ideas, you cannot help but make fun of the people you are criticizing.

The Supreme Court strikes down laws made by Congress because the Supreme Court is the Constitution. But that same Constitution cites only one reason for the United States Government to exist. That same Constitution also cites only one authority:

“We the People of the United States of America … and OUR Posterity.”

Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter got sick of cynics like me a long time ago. Justice Frankfurter declared:

“To say that a law means what it says is a case of PERNICIOUS oversimplification.”

People like me are not just cynical. We are just plain mean.