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Pro-Life Versus Pro-White

Someone on Stormfront was trying to deal with all the fanatical pro-lifers. They were trying to explain that their interest was in saving our race, not pro-life and prayer in school.

This was my attempt to back them up:

I am with you. If somebody’s big interest is abortion or Family Protection, Jerry Falwell is their man.

Those people are a pain. I have to sit around and deal with their hangups. It’s like having a white supremacist Jew in your organization.

Some Jews are really fanatical white supremacists. But you always have to be careful what you say around them. You can relax and say almost anything, even if it has nothing to do with Jews, and they suddenly decide you are Hitler.

These pro-life fanatics are exactly like Jews. You never know when they are going to suddenly decide that you are anti-life. You are suddenly Satan Himself.

If I were a baby about to be born into a brown world, I would BEG to be aborted. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto unto you.”

But that was just Jesus who said that.

If you are the Chosen People who own the Law the way Jews and professional pro-lifers do Jesus is just an asterisk at the end of the Old Testament.

They say, “Seventy percent of the Bible is the OLD Testament.”

The Jews and the extreme pro-lifers have a God of their own. They own Him. They represent Him.

So my attitude, my obsession, is pure Satanism.

My aim is to save my race.


It happens that saving my race is critical to making life worth living for all of humanity. But even if it weren’t, I would fight for the preservation of my own race.

I have to humor anyone who has another agenda.

The minute somebody says he is a big pro-lifer on Stormfront, I put him in the Jew category, the “Other Agenda” category.

But not for a second do I forget that this is a wonderful person. In a world where the only allowable opinion is to be anti-white, he is a person who, somewhere among his many priorities, wants to PRESERVE my race.

At the same time I never forget that this person, Jew or pro-life, is one of the Chosen People first. My race is FAR down his list of priorities.

I am grateful that he is a friend of my race. I am happy when a Jew is a genuine friend of my race, despite all the pressures he faces.

Professional pro-lifers are fighting to get third world children adopted into all-white areas, but here is a pro-lifer who resists all that and is still for my race. I appreciate that deeply.

But saving my race is ONE of his priorities.

He is NOT a comrade.

If you treat him just right and say all the right things, he can be an ally.

Bless that person with all of your heart, but keep your distance.