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Bob is an Equal Opportunity Offender

When I put the article below, “Pro-Life Versus Pro-White,” I found to my horror that some of the pro-choice people LIKED what I wrote.

I can’t have that. Nobody walks away from Bob Whitaker without being offended.

So I made up for that by writing the following diatribe:

Now that I offended one group, let me offend the other.

I hold anyone at a distance who puts any issue on the same level as saving my race. That includes fanatical pro-choicers as well as fanatical pro-lifers.

Before Roe versus Wade, I had the same problem with fanatical capitalists.

The Wall Street Journal is more dedicated to the destruction of the white race than any other major publication in America, left or right. For them cheap labor is more important than anything else.

I was a professor of economics. I am very much pro-free market. But this is not in the same category with saving my RACE.

I worked with conservatives and with pro-lifers on Capitol Hill when we were both battling anti-white leftism. But the second their pro-life or pro-capitalist ideas took precedence over saving my race, I dropped them like a hot rock.

Such people can be ALLIES, but never COMRADES.

In the case of Russia I am as fanatically and rabidly anti-abortion as anyone who thinks he owns God. But when it comes to a white girl who has been raped by a black man, I would personally drive her to the abortion clinic and if I could, I would perform the abortion myself.

An abortionist who destroys white children is my enemy. I have probably helped prevent more of those than anybody else on Stormfront, including those who own God.

My webmaster has referred to me as “an equal opportunity offender.”

Let me say this one more time. If you still refuse to understand it, I simply do not suffer fools:

My RACE is being destroyed. My sole interest at this moment is the saving of my RACE, and the rest of your issues can go to hell.



I Cut Another Comment Accidentally!

Whoever wrote and I cut his comment, PLEASE, as a favor to Ole Bob, send it again!


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