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Why Doesn’t Arafat Depend on Faith?

Posted by Bob on November 7th, 2004 under How Things Work, Religion

Skip tells me that the problem with Western Scoeity is that we depend entirely on what WORKS. We don’t balance that with Oriental Mysticism.

So let us imagine old Skip telling Arafat that he is desperately ill, but he lives at the very center of Oriental Mysticism. So, he tells Arafat, he should stay in the Middle East and Wait For The Lord.

You know what every sane person would say to Skip?

He would say, “You are insane.”

Christian Scientists wear glasses and hearing aids. If you read Benjamin Franklin’s autobiography, you will see that Quakers believed that pacifistic nonsense to the exact extent that their own lives were not threatened.

Nobody belives that “Wisdom” crap.

Let’s dump it.

  1. #1 by Skip on 11/10/2004 - 1:14 am


    I told you to lay off the mushrooms. Where are you getting this from?

    My argument was that of the Southern Agrarians and Richard Weaver. That what we do should be governed by higher principles than just “because we can”.

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