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The NEXT “C” Word

Posted by Bob on November 23rd, 2004 under Political Correctness

They are closing down the old mental hospital, the “State Hospital” as it was euphemistically called, in Columbia. So much for all those people who said I would end up there.

I’ll have to go to the new one. I hear they make house calls.

The State Hospital was opened around 1830, but this particular building was built around the turn of the century (for some reason, South Carolina had the first state-sponsored insane asylum in the United States).
And up there on the building, in concrete, is the word “Asylum.”

In 1900, the word “Asylum” was Politically Correct. Instead of the “madhouse,” where mad people were kept from harming the public, it was an “asylum,” a place of refuge, for insane people, which was the Politically Correct word for people who were not sane, instead of “madmen.” Today the term “insane asylum” is right up there with the N word, so seeing it in concrete on the old building was sort of nostalgic.

Today P0litical Correctness is trying to remove the words “Anno Domini” and “Before Christ.” As always with today’s Political Correctness, the problem with those words is not that they are factually incorrect, but because they state the exact truth.

Our New Year began with an attempt to date the birth of Christ. 2004 means, literally, The Year of Our Lord, “Anno Domini.” Years before AD were called Before Christ because that’s exactly what they were.

Political Correctness must change that. So they came up with two substitutes:

BCE = Before the Common Era and 2) CE = Common Era

We’ve been down this road before. In 1830 slaveholders in Augusta, Georgia were correcting an Englishman who referred to “blacks” and said the correct word was “negro,” which means black in Spanish.

In 1905 the correct word was “colored people,” as in The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.” The first major indoctrination campaign of the NAACP was to force people to use the word “N” and above all to capitalize it. The term white, they said, was not to be capitalized because that is racist.

Then we went through black and African-American.

The term that is out of date this year labels you as anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

But once the present campaign has beaten everybody into shape and made saying BC and AD as Nazi as saying C…mas, someone is going to start thinking about the term “Common Era.”

WHOSE “Common Era?” This is s not the JEWISH year 2004. This is not the CHINESE year 2004. This is not the MOSLEM year 2004.

As a matter of fact, BCE and CE are right back where we started. They just say that the white European year is now everybody’s common year. So a new campaign will begin.

People make a living with this nonsense.

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