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What Censorship Is

Posted by Bob on November 28th, 2004 under How Things Work

The first rule of REAL censorship is that you don’t read about it.

Where would you read about it?

If you ask the average person about censorship, he will talk about the suppression he reads about a lot. He will ask you if you are talking about Michael Moore or the Federal Government refusing to sponsor pornographic “art.”

Those incidents of “censorship” are well-known because people read about them all the time.

When the Canadian authorities seized Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood I was not “outraged.” This is standard practice. I have dealt with it all my life.

Some people said, “Bob, you should take this to the press.”

Yea, right.


This is not Michael Moore-type national press discussions of “censorship.”

This is the real thing.

You can join the mob and scream about “censorship” when prayers are banned in public school and the fact is trumpeted nation-wide. This is what I call “famous censorship.”

Famous censorship is not real censorship. The whole point of real censorship is to keep things from becoming famous.

Making a big thing about students’ right to pray in school is easy and it makes the people who do it feel brave. You have a billion-dollar evangelical compex to trumpet that call. Those evangelicals have bought their right to media access by pushing third-world adoptions.

Those protestors of students not being allowed to pray in school wouldn’t touch the suppression of a book like mine. They could lose their respectability that way.

Let me repeat: real censorship is what you DON’T hear about.

  1. #1 by Richard L. Hardison on 11/28/2004 - 10:07 pm

    You’re right Bob! To the left and the repectables, censorship is disallowing the idiots to take over your paper/site/blog so they can spew their idiocy and venom at your expense. If you pay for it and they sieze it, it isn’t censorship, particularly if you are spreading “hate.” Everybody knows Bob is a hate filled person.

    Don’t believe me? Just place a properly cooked stake in front of him. He really hates leaving it on that plate. Believe me, I know. I’ve seen it happen!

  2. #2 by Mike on 11/28/2004 - 10:13 pm

    That reminds of the big deal about Mel Gibsons movie.

    Those people are smart enough to know they were promoting the movie. I think they wanted to promote this Judea-Christian concept of the ultimate blood sacrifice, it reiterates their ‘chosen’ position and presents an excursive idea of salvation that dilutes the message of Jesus into, as you say, an asterisk at the end of the old testament.

    Wide is the road…

  3. #3 by Bob Whitaker on 11/29/2004 - 7:29 pm

    I just ate that steak to make PETA mad.

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