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Why Not?

Thar’s GOLD in them thar hills!

Mensa has lots of people who are laborers. You could give them college degrees with no effort and set a precedent. They would pay you money for it.

They are smarter than other people. They would also fight for the legitimacy of that degree.

So there’s money. There is a potential for overthrowing the professor-priesthood and the political left.

People are setting up colleges all the time.

So why isn’t somebody getting a lifetime income out of this?

I have no idea. David Duke got a perfectly legitimate PhD out of Kiev University.

There are a lot of people who everybody admits are MUCH smarter and more intellectually productive than many PhDs. Karl Marx got his PhD in one week.

Would any leftist say that Karl Marx didn’t earn his PhD?

So many, many people, including me, would pay a university good money to recognize their accomplishments and give them a PhD, the way they did David Duke.

And those PhDs could have rigid requirements, requirements no standard PhD could meet, like books and ORIGINAL ideas.

An educated man can tell if another man is educated. So Karl Marx wrote a thesis, defended it, and got a PhD, all in one week.

I am too old to care about a PhD. The article I wrote about that is now missing from the archives.

We were chased out of the University of Virginia and that “we” includes two professors who later won the Nobel Prize.

At age 63, I have no NEED of a PhD. But I’d LOVE to get one. It’s called ego.

Lots and lots of other people would like to have a PhD they have long since earned.

No one could challenge those PhDs if they were awarded carefully.

Russia is poor. Ukraine is much poorer. So why doesn’t Ukraine offer a PhD to people who have earned them, with stringent requirements?

It is no accident that Ukraine is poor. If Ukraine did the things that were perfectly obvious, they would not be POOR.

If David Duke could see the potential in what happened, there would no place for people like me.

In other words, I have not the slightest idea why smart people never see the obvious.

I explain things that should be the beginning of great accomplishments. The comments come in that I am not being militant enough or that I need to spell out a program.

Meanwhile I am pointing at things where there is money, where there is power, where there is a beginning from which a reasonably intelligent person could go with it.

So what I get back is, “DUHH.”

But there are a few people out there who have minds.

I can ignore the rest.



The School Leftists Loved that We Could Use

During the Vietnam War, a college (the name of which I have forgotten) grew to gargantuan size.

If you were in college, or a professor, you were exempted from the draft. So this giant college grew up that anybody who paid tuition simply could not flunk out of.

Leftists said they were wonderful.

I remember major features on that college in magazines, but I can’t remember the name and I can’t, don’t, know how to look it up. THAT college had no idea of graduating people.

But what we need today is the equivalent of that college. It was fully accredited.

The reason the professor-priesthood rules is because they have a monopoly on giving college degrees, and you have to have a college degree for almost everything.

So what we need is an El Cheapo college degree.

Let me tell you a secret. You know those colleges that offer on-line degrees? You saw all the noise about the MBA given to a cat?

You can’t give a degree to a cat unless a human arranges it.

That was a LOT of work and a LOT of expense somebody went to to protect the university monopoly.

Actually, a correspondence course is MUCH harder than a regular course. You can just sit in class and pass all the courses you need for a plain old basic degree, the one everybody has to have.

What we need is a college like the one the draft-dodgers used, and was praised by all the media. It must combine the easiest course load on earth. The purpose is to get that silly-ass “college degree” with absolutely no effort.

On the Internet.



No, It WASN’T Easier Being a “Racist” in the ’80s.

There was a TV program that showed a blond girl seducing a football player. There were objections.

The objections were all about “pornography,” but there had been less objections to more of that. It was pretty clear that the objection was to the blatant blond woman-black guy bit.

There was a lawyer show a couple of years ago, and when the blond star started dating a black guy on the show, her regular fans raised hell and he was dropped.

Naturally she was seen slavering over black guys to show they weren’t skeered of “racists,” but never came that close again.

This Christmas I got a shock. For decades I have watched “Season’s Greetings” take over “Merry Christmas,” but I was the ONLY person who mentioned it publicly.

One of the first WOLs in 1998, which is lost to the archives, was called “A Christmas Rebel,” and I discussed the enforcement of “Happy Holidays” and “Season’s Greetings.”

But I challenge you to find public references to that in 1998, and it was just as prevalent then.

Then suddenly this year, one store chain was given the “Scrooge Award ” (second place) for ordering its employees to say, “Season’s Greetings” instead of “Merry Christmas.”

In the 1980s, there were black guys and blond girls on television as much as they are now. But NOBODY, let me repeat that, NOBODY objected. If anybody said “racist,” everybody but me would fall on the floor and slobber.

I am NOT exaggerating. I said fall on the floor and slobber. They were just a little less dignified than that.

In the 1990s Alan Dershowitz, who demands the preservation of the Jewish race, objected to the evil OLD prejudice against white girls kissing black guys in the PAST on television. Pat Buchanan was sitting right there. He said not a word.

Even Dershowitz said that sort of prejudice no longer existed. But a couple of years later it surfaced again, as I show below.

NOBODY in the 1980s objected to “Season’s Greetings.” If somebody mentioned anti-Semitism, everybody but me hit the floor slobbering, or did something slightly less dignified.

NOBODY in the 1980s, including Pat Buchanan, would dare write what Buchanan wrote about the disappearance of the white race or about the Jewishness of neoconservatism.

In fact, it was in the early 1980s that Buchanan mentioned the disappearance of the white race and a Mexican-“American” writing in the Moonie-conservative Washington Times ripped him to pieces, saying his Daddy was in World War II and Hispanics breed like rabbits and BUCHANAN was the racist.

Naturally, Buchanan backed down totally.

No, things were NOT easier in the 1970s and 1980s, when only Joe Sobran and I dared say things like this right out there in public.

Buchanan ALWAYS made a brave face and then backed down.

I hate to tell you this, but in this respect things are BETTER now. “BETTER?” That is the one word no right-winger allows anybody to use.

Everybody on the right is so busy dedicating all their time to being depressed that they do not want to hear this.

They want to lie around and whine about how brave they WOULD be, but everybody around them is betraying them, so why bother? They want to surrender and look brave doing it.

Let me tell you something up front. The most complete moral cowards ever born were those who call themselves The Greatest Generation. Somebody can say their buddies died to get rid of white people and they won’t say a word. They object to NOTHING.

The dying out of the Greatest Generation made things INFINITELY better.

You can whine and cry about today’s young people all you want to. They have been indoctrinated, but they are not the absolute moral cowards I was raised around.

No, things were NOT easier in the ’70s and the ’80s, and I’m sick of hearing it.



Of Course That Was It

How silly of us.

Something is TERRIBLY wrong with my blog.

(Someone forgot something….)

Don’t worry, nothing happened to your data or WordPress. Your Host probably just upgraded PHP to version 4.3.10 and forgot to upgrade the Zend Optimizer. We already have a support thread about it. The PHP download page says:

Note: Due to an incompatibility between earlier versions of Zend Optimizer and PHP 4.3.10, it’s recommended to upgrade to the latest version.

So contact your host and let them know what’s happening, and they should be able to fix everything.

Of course that was it. Now that you’ve said it, we can see we knew that all along.

It’s just Bob’s Blog.


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12/25/04 Insider Letter

(Reprinted to Blog from email list of 12/25/04)

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

Merry Christmas to all of you, and a hearty thank you for reading Whitaker Online. As we celebrate the coming of our Lord on this day, it gives time to reflect on what is really important.
The coming of God’s own son into the world sure puts the mendacity and smallness of our leadership into sharp focus. No wonder they want to elevate Hanakah and Kwanzaa to the same status.

What kind of people could lead their own into the pits of hell that a brown world will be? No level of contempt for them could reach too low. As you enjoy the time with your family and loved ones, reflect on this question in the light of this day. Let it sink in just exactly what we are dealing with at almost every level of government and on our campuses and schools and even in our churches.

Compare it to the love of our God who would send his only son to us. Who will we emulate in working for the kind of country our children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will face? How would we like to be remembered by them?

May you and yours be filled with blessings and peace on this day and in the coming year.



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A Christmas Appeal to Non-Christians

Every time Christians try to celebrate Christmas, somebody says:

“I am offended.”

You keep telling Christians what should be forbidden in the public schools, in public displays. You tell them they can’t say “Merry Christmas,” they have to say, “Season’s Greetings.” Christians are bending over backwards so you won’t yell:

“I’m offended!”

Christmas used to be fun. Now we can’t relax and celebrate it because one of you is going to suddenly shout:

I’m offended!”

So we all know you are telling us what we can do at Christmas, but you are doing a sloppy job of it. All this uncertainty destroys the joy of Christmas, a time when everybody used to relax and have a good time.

Maybe we could enjoy Christmas again if all of you Modernist Christians, Jews, atheists, Moslems, Hindus – ALL of you – would get together and tell us exactly what we ARE allowed to do at Christmas.

Is “Merry Christmas” allowed at all? Will a teacher be fired for wishing her class a “Merry Christmas” on the grounds of a school that receives any public money?”

Could you give us the EXACT geographical limits in which the name of Christ might be mentioned?

The Ford and Carnegie Foundations could spend tens of millions of dollars hiring thousands of professional liberals to write a tome of regulations on Christmas that is as large as the Federal Income Tax Code.

For example, the highways are paid for by the public. Are cars allowed to ride on those publicly-financed highways carrying the sign of the fish, which everybody knows is a CHRISTIAN symbol?

Does this OFFEND you? Should highways that you pay for with your tax money be used to help offend you this way?

If you are going to dictate, then go ahead and dictate. No more hints, no more sudden bursts of temper and random lawsuits.

We seem to have all agreed that non-Christians have the right to tell Christians what they can do at Christmas.

But with power comes responsibility. You have the power, so you have the responsibility of using it and being clear about it.

Stop acting like spoiled children and being offended at this and at that. Tell Christians, in plain English, what they will be ALLOWED to do.


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Europe’s Clinton Years

In the Clinton years, I wrote an article called “Superterrorism” (11-21-98). When September 11, 2001 came around, we reprinted it.

It seemed prophetic, but if you look at it, “Superterrorism” was just common sense. Maybe common sense is what real prophecy is based on.

The Euro is going up. Europe is out of the Iraq War and all the problems.

But common sense says that Europe is terribly weak and terribly vulnerable.

Iran’s new missiles might reach Europe, but they won’t reach us. North Korea’s new missiles can reach the West Coast.

But they won’t.


Because if they did South Korea would suddenly be an island.

And if Iran threatens Europe, what exactly is Europe going to do about it? Throw croissants?

America is stupid, but it is also extremely dangerous. Europe is stupid and nobody is scared of it.

Under Clinton, America had a boom like one that Europe is enjoying today. Terrorism? Clinton just ignored it. And it worked out fine.

Until 2001.

Europe is cruising into something that will make 2001 look like a tap on the cheek. Europe is ready to be slapped around. There is always somebody who wants to do the slapping.

Europe is not just stupid, it is hopelessly stupid. There is nothing as dumb as a dumb man who thinks he’s smart.

All that brilliant sophistication Europeans think they have got Europe ripped to pieces twice this century. It nearly wiped out two generations of Europeans.

And Europeans honestly believe they are diplomatic geniuses.

That attitude is more dangerous than any nuclear missile.



Mark’s Points

I promised below to deal with Mark’s points when I got all better.

Let me apologize again for insulting my readers by acting like an ass. Mark did me a big favor by calling me down on it.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the very same mistakes that infuriate me most in others are the ones I often commit myself. Insulting the people who appreciate what you have to say is just plain nasty.

So here is what Mark had to say with my replies marked *** :

Ok Bob, an observation and then a question: Over the months I have found it interesting at how fond you are of cutting down anyone who has the audicity to agree with you openly on these blogs but lacks the intelligence to understand your true message, revel in your hidden meanings, or see 20/20 thru a locked keyhole.”

*** You nailed me and I have apologized. When I do it again, nail me again.

I bet you’d kick the cheerleaders in their pretty little arses if the home team fumbled the ball, wouldn’t you?”

*** I was usually the one doing the fumbling. The coach had a regular shout: “Feel around you, Whitaker, maybe you’re still in bed.”

Why don’t you take the time to cool the ego driven, frustration-born verbal tantrums and tell us EXACTLY HOW, IN YOUR OPINION WE CAN CHANGE THINGS. You want to be the academic (and you do an okay job of it) full of profound witticism, so put your money where your mouth is: GIVE US A GAME PLAN, A BATTLE PLAN, A SET OF INSTRUCTIONS FOR TURNING THINGS AROUND IN AMERICA (legally of course).”

*** The usual reply from an “expert” at this point is to use modesty to sneak out of answering the question, but I have a feeling you won’t let me get away with that.

The expert says you are overestimating him, that he has no plan for changing the whole world. Then he uses the exact line you predicted below: “Well, you all have brains. Why should I do your thinking for you?”

Mark cut me off at the pass on that one. He seems to have the experts pretty well figured. So after I quote the rest of Mark’s comment, I guess I’ll actually have to deal with the question.

Oh, and please don’t use that slight of hand brush off: “Well, you all have brains. Why should I do your thinking for you?” We might have brains, but we don’t have a plan. Oh, and yes, I do own a copy of your book and I’m not sending my kids to college as a result so don’t start with me.

It’s the fourth quarter, Bob, and we’re behind by 7. What’s your game plan? I’m putting my money on more sarcasm, but we’ll see.”

*** See what Mark has done to me? Normally after you’ve written some books and are a Recognized Expert you can turn your mind off and coast. But here I’m being forced to call my brain out of retirement.

Mark, this exactly how you deal with experts.

My battle plan is based on the fact that our present “both sides” political strategy has already been discredited.

So if they’re dead, why don’t they fall down?

No one yet has a stake in MAKING them fall down.

But they are in the same position the Soviet Empire was in in 1980.

The sickos we are after thought that Communism was the key to an anti-white future in 1950. Now they are doing exactly what I am doing, they are trying to see and control the future, which has nothing to do with what people are arguing about right now.

Everything the left is based on is pretense. It is universities, it is foundations, it is Hollywood, it is Old Europe and New England, which are the traditional graveyards of passe ideas.

No new ideas come OUT of the universities today. Ideas used to be from professors to the New York Times to the editorial pages. Everything new hits the Internet and is forced on the universities. Filter-down is not FROM the universities. It is TO the universities.

The universities have become isolated, backward-looking feminaries.

And everybody either knows or will suspect it.

There is a scientific establishment that is growing to supplant the social engineers who ruled intellectual life through the time when the big TV networks were in absolute power. The scientific revolution will find the social engineers, to whom they are slavishly obedient right now, to be in the way.

We have to get in on this game.

We, meaning US, can only get in on this game by attacking the universities, at the universities, on the universities. That is why I dedicated my declining years to Why Johnny Can’t Think.

We can get in on the fight where the money is that the scientific establishment is going to want.

We need our lever to move the world. Our lever is an intellectual revolution on the campuses, at the campuses, attacking the campuses.

If we get in there, if we lead the attack on the universities out here, we will be in on the fight over every dime the enemy’s entire power is based on.

We will have a generation of people who have wasted their youth getting and paying for a college education and now paying off student loans on our side. We will have a growing scientific/biology/genetics establishment as a potential ally against the total draining of all power and money to the social scientists.

Everything else is yesterday’s news.

IT IS time for revolution. Our weapon is Why Johnny Can’t Think. It is NOT “criticism” of academia. It is a revolution as DETAILED in Why Johnny Can’t Think.

NOTHING else counts.