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Don Has it Dead Right

Posted by Bob on December 2nd, 2004 under How Things Work

Don quoted me as saying that a blond girl and a black guy kissing in public was as disgusting as two guys kissing in public. Don then said he hated to trump me, but to him there was no comparison. The two guys kissing in public was nothing in comparison.

Don said that, to him, race trumps everything.

Amen, brother!

I have to cater to people who worry that homosexuality violates the Book of Jeremiah 4.225 verse fourteen point two because they are sort of on our side. They own God and I am just a human.

Their only conscience is in their version of the Bible.

I humor them because I am fighting the fight that I must fight, the fight for the Golden Rule, the fight for a world in which my race survives. No other world is worth living in. There is no other world that a human being should be born into. Any world in which whites do not exist is a planet where so-called humans are a stagnate group, a higher sort of ant.

But these higher ants have feelings. They suffer, they die, they rot.

I do not like suffering.


Here I stand.

Thanks, Don.


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