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Join Me on Stormfront Now 12-5-04

Posted by Bob on December 5th, 2004 under General

It starts here: Bob Whitaker with David Duke, Live Online Now!

Started LIVE at 2 PM EST with David Duke, and the moderator says we’re about to top 1/4 million views.

David Duke Live with Bob Whitaker NOW, Dec. 5th
Charles A Lindbergh Today 02:12 PM
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Re: David Duke Live with Bob Whitaker TODAY, Dec. 5th


I said:

David, I marched with the Klan in Pulaski, TN.

It was one of the major sacrifices of my life.

You see, when the Klan marches, they are silent. I had to march a mile with my mouth shut the whole time.

It was torture.

“Dits” asks:

“Forgive me but I’m only 14 and from New Hempshire so I’ve never seen the Klan in real life but why did you have to be silent?”

ONLY 14!!

Don’t miss this.


Originally Posted by ericthered
Mr. Whitaker, I am reading your book for the second time now. Trying to get these brutal, straightforward, facts established in my head. After reading it one thinks, ‘I can’t believe I’ve never realised this before, or was able to put it in words.’

Much of truth is like that, once you learn it, you wonder why you ever believed the way you did before.

I believe your book displays a very effective technique, laugh that crap right down to the ground!

It is brutal, isn’t it? Very few people on our side realize that.

I really get a letdown when someone writes me, “I agree with you, and another book about professor, XXX, says the same thing.”

XXX does not come within a mile of saying the same thing. The book at


is a political weapon, not just one more “criticism of academia.”

No, the criticism of academia written by the neoconservative Weisenstein is NOT what I wrote.

You got it right.

For a condensed version, another member has reposted the interview answers and comments on one page:

David Duke Live with Bob Whitaker

Originally Posted by Joseph Morgan
Mr Duke or Mr Whitaker, if the Internet had been around in the 1950s, would white men have been able to stop the Jewish revolution that occured in America during the 1960s?

The internet would have helped beyond belief back then. The dumbocracy is finally realizing what Rather and Cronkite and all three networks that owned the news back then were doing. People like Dr. Fields and Willis Carto were limited to trying to get a sliver of truth through with tiny publications.

We were crippled, we were supressed, we were silenced without the slightest bit of effort. The internet would have been glorious.

But that’s an if. That time is GONE.

As we sophisticated Southerners put it, “If a bullfrog had wings, he wouldn’t bump his butt everytime he jumped.” You got wings now, bullfrog.

Use them.

  1. #1 by Don on 12/06/2004 - 1:25 am

    I did.

  2. #2 by H.S. on 12/06/2004 - 11:46 am

    I did. You should post some of that here for the record.

  3. #3 by Don on 12/07/2004 - 8:20 am

    And Here’s that starter list of other forums and sites, again.

    All these places are potential recruiting grounds, where you can quietly place hundreds of your own Referral Links: (Groups) (have to pay) (Black Sheep Forums) (huge) (Dutch) (European American Issues Forum)
    http://www.bbs.f* teen school and college community –Christian Forum –art community, (has politics forum) –misc. discussion –political community –world events forum –british student forum –general discussion forum conspiracies

    I’ll be back with some more advice and help later, but in the meantime

    It’s time to get busy!

  4. #4 by Don on 12/07/2004 - 10:54 am

    Here is a willing warrior who may not have a lot of financial resources. How can we help supply him with some weapons?

    I have requested “Why Johnny Can’t Think” at my nearest library. The head librarian wasn’t in but they gave me his name and e-mail address. When I got back home I e-mailed the request. I’m not sure what to expect but I will use this library as a test to refine my arguments for your book if it is declined. There are 77 librarys within a 25 mile radius of my house. I intend to hit the rest of them after this one. I don’t have much money but my time is yours for are cause.

    I urge others to do the same. A small amount of people can make a huge difference in getting are message out. I can’t stress enough how important this is. It would be nice to see our books on a public library shelf next to the jewish propoganda.

    I will keep you updated on my progress and any problems that I may encounter.

  5. #5 by descendant on 12/19/2004 - 10:26 pm

    Here is the real opposing views forum for Stormfront:

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