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12/4/04 Insider Letter

Posted by Bob on December 5th, 2004 under Insider Letter Archive

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

(reprinted to Blog from 12/4/04)

Every day it seems that there is a new outrage in Washington, D.C., and on a college campus somewhere. Bush is appointing non-whites to fill every slot he can, and seems to have a plan to make Hispanics the Negroes of the Republican Party. Even the New York Times is pointing out how completely Bush and the Republicans are selling out their Christian constituents. Too bad these blind supporters can’t or won’t see it.

But their kids can. Once they hit a campus, they will be thrown into an anti-Bush leftist feeding frenzy. Most of the anti-Bush rhetoric they hear will be infantile leftism, but it may separate them just enough to get a few of them to start thinking a bit on their own. It is during that critical time that they need to find a voice of encouragement, of reason. That is why I wrote Why Johnny Can’t Think.

Everyone who has ever thought about much of anything has wondered whether he was the only one who thinks that way. Often he will never know. What if he could find someone of like mind, at the critical moment when he is beginning to doubt the official nonsense. How much difference would that make? I can’t be on every campus, but my book can be. It would be better to have a Bob Whitaker available to every campus in America, and my book is a weak substitute. But, as my staff has told me, they are working for the book not because it is the best book ever written, or the ideal book, or the perfect book. They are working for it because it IS.

Bill Clinton can confuse the word IS, but something either IS or it isn’t. Why Johnny Can’t Think IS. It is available. We have made it very affordable, so that people can get it out to those who need to read it. Maybe the perfect book will come along one day. Why Johnny Can’t Think IS HERE NOW!

Before you buy that neice or nephew or grandchild a new video game, or T-shirt, or yet another CD so that they can become further Whiggerized, won’t you consider a gift of my book? How about a gift for a friend’s kid, or that bright kid down the street?

There are enough people on this list who could send a book to a kid or parent to make an enormous difference. Ten lousy bucks might change the course of a life forever. It might save them thousands in tuition. It might be something they thank you for twenty years from now.

We will even make it easy for you to do. We’ll gift wrap it, and put a little note in there from you, and send it directly to whomever you want us to — all for the same cost. (note: we can’t split discounted multiple book orders to different addresses, due to mailing costs).

My staff committed to taking on this extra work not to humor ole Bob, but because the time IS NOW. or

Merry Christmas.



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