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Mark’s Points

I promised below to deal with Mark’s points when I got all better.

Let me apologize again for insulting my readers by acting like an ass. Mark did me a big favor by calling me down on it.

I don’t know about the rest of you, but the very same mistakes that infuriate me most in others are the ones I often commit myself. Insulting the people who appreciate what you have to say is just plain nasty.

So here is what Mark had to say with my replies marked *** :

Ok Bob, an observation and then a question: Over the months I have found it interesting at how fond you are of cutting down anyone who has the audicity to agree with you openly on these blogs but lacks the intelligence to understand your true message, revel in your hidden meanings, or see 20/20 thru a locked keyhole.”

*** You nailed me and I have apologized. When I do it again, nail me again.

I bet you’d kick the cheerleaders in their pretty little arses if the home team fumbled the ball, wouldn’t you?”

*** I was usually the one doing the fumbling. The coach had a regular shout: “Feel around you, Whitaker, maybe you’re still in bed.”

Why don’t you take the time to cool the ego driven, frustration-born verbal tantrums and tell us EXACTLY HOW, IN YOUR OPINION WE CAN CHANGE THINGS. You want to be the academic (and you do an okay job of it) full of profound witticism, so put your money where your mouth is: GIVE US A GAME PLAN, A BATTLE PLAN, A SET OF INSTRUCTIONS FOR TURNING THINGS AROUND IN AMERICA (legally of course).”

*** The usual reply from an “expert” at this point is to use modesty to sneak out of answering the question, but I have a feeling you won’t let me get away with that.

The expert says you are overestimating him, that he has no plan for changing the whole world. Then he uses the exact line you predicted below: “Well, you all have brains. Why should I do your thinking for you?”

Mark cut me off at the pass on that one. He seems to have the experts pretty well figured. So after I quote the rest of Mark’s comment, I guess I’ll actually have to deal with the question.

Oh, and please don’t use that slight of hand brush off: “Well, you all have brains. Why should I do your thinking for you?” We might have brains, but we don’t have a plan. Oh, and yes, I do own a copy of your book and I’m not sending my kids to college as a result so don’t start with me.

It’s the fourth quarter, Bob, and we’re behind by 7. What’s your game plan? I’m putting my money on more sarcasm, but we’ll see.”

*** See what Mark has done to me? Normally after you’ve written some books and are a Recognized Expert you can turn your mind off and coast. But here I’m being forced to call my brain out of retirement.

Mark, this exactly how you deal with experts.

My battle plan is based on the fact that our present “both sides” political strategy has already been discredited.

So if they’re dead, why don’t they fall down?

No one yet has a stake in MAKING them fall down.

But they are in the same position the Soviet Empire was in in 1980.

The sickos we are after thought that Communism was the key to an anti-white future in 1950. Now they are doing exactly what I am doing, they are trying to see and control the future, which has nothing to do with what people are arguing about right now.

Everything the left is based on is pretense. It is universities, it is foundations, it is Hollywood, it is Old Europe and New England, which are the traditional graveyards of passe ideas.

No new ideas come OUT of the universities today. Ideas used to be from professors to the New York Times to the editorial pages. Everything new hits the Internet and is forced on the universities. Filter-down is not FROM the universities. It is TO the universities.

The universities have become isolated, backward-looking feminaries.

And everybody either knows or will suspect it.

There is a scientific establishment that is growing to supplant the social engineers who ruled intellectual life through the time when the big TV networks were in absolute power. The scientific revolution will find the social engineers, to whom they are slavishly obedient right now, to be in the way.

We have to get in on this game.

We, meaning US, can only get in on this game by attacking the universities, at the universities, on the universities. That is why I dedicated my declining years to Why Johnny Can’t Think.

We can get in on the fight where the money is that the scientific establishment is going to want.

We need our lever to move the world. Our lever is an intellectual revolution on the campuses, at the campuses, attacking the campuses.

If we get in there, if we lead the attack on the universities out here, we will be in on the fight over every dime the enemy’s entire power is based on.

We will have a generation of people who have wasted their youth getting and paying for a college education and now paying off student loans on our side. We will have a growing scientific/biology/genetics establishment as a potential ally against the total draining of all power and money to the social scientists.

Everything else is yesterday’s news.

IT IS time for revolution. Our weapon is Why Johnny Can’t Think. It is NOT “criticism” of academia. It is a revolution as DETAILED in Why Johnny Can’t Think.

NOTHING else counts.