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Guest on Audio Webcast – 2 pm EST


Bob will be a guest on David Duke’s program via Stormfront Townhall webcast live audio again Tuesday, Feb. 1st.

Mr. Morgan says:

Bob Whitaker as an on-air guest comes across as a 10. Great on-air presence. Highly effective in this format.

His wit, charm, and intelligence really come across in this audio format.

I think he would make a perfect co-host for the non-Sunday shows.

They’ll both be studying the short questions and comments between now and tomorrow’s (Feb 1st) live webcast, so that they may address them both in writing with their own posts, and on the air.
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Listen live during scheduled airtime –
Keep checking….

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Stormfront Audio – 2:30 PM Eastern Time
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When you have been in a desperately serious fight the way I have for fifty years, you either develop a really weird sense of humor or you go nuts. I get a kick out of laughing at myself.

James Kelso, ever the kind man, told me to back David up in this interview, since it was his first web broadcast, so I thought, “OK, Bob, it’s time to the Elder Statesman.”

The runup to the program was nerve-wracking. Dave had to do his own technical work here. Following James Kelso’s instructions, I jumped in and filled in in Town Hall while David got things straight.

Then I backed him up in the discussion as best I could. It’s HIS program, so I tried to be kind of McMahon to his Johnny Carson.

I was so proud. Pretty soon Ole Dave was leaning back and handling everything like a pro. I decided I must have done a hell of job as the calm Elder Statesman.

Afterwards I was bragging about it, and David just mentioned in passing, in that very kind way people do when Ole Bob is making a fool of himself — again — that he had run a talk show for two years that out-did Rush Limbaugh.

Here I had been trying to be a shepherd to a pro.

A younger man would probably have been embarrassed. I think it was hilarious.

I repeat, in this kind of battle, if you don’t learn to laugh at yourself, you’re dead meat. All that counts is not that I made a great showing, but that David and James asked me to do my part and I did it.

If I get a chance to laugh at myself in the meantime, that’s just a bonus.

One of the main things a guy my age has to offer is called “institutional memory.” I remember the people and events that came before.

In the case of radio, I have a special mine of institutional memory. What went through my mind as I watched David doing the technical work on his computer to get the broadcast on the Internet brought thoughts to my mind that make me want to share with you the sheer awe of it all.

I have held an amateur radio license for over fifty years. I remember assembling my own little Walter Ashe rig and reaching Ohio with my code (it was all in code for me).

Then I did a little radio broadcast in tiny stations and had to “handle my own board.” I came on, the guy before me went home, and the station was just me for hours. The station might reach across and most people had radios.

In Europe as late as 1970 you could go all across the dial and get maybe two or three radio stations. There was only one BBC, one Austrian Radio, and so forth.

So I sat there, watching David “handle his own board,” and I began to realize that more people today have computers than had radios back then. I used to think in terms of reaching Ohio on my ham radio or the next town in the heavily regulated tiny station I was working at.

I started to think about who could hear David. I could not quite realize that there are simply no limits. My whole experience with radio was limits. But Antartica could hear David clear as a bell.

I kept saying to myself, “Bob, there are no limits here.”

If you could put yourself in my place, you would realize that this concept has STILL not really sunken in.



Storming Their Strongholds

Please read my book as a call for revolution and not just another critique of academia. We have to get on those campuses we pay for and hammer some theses on the doors of the established religion of Political Correctness right in on its home turf.

Any of us can do it and I’m here to help out.

SF Book Discussion II – Why Johnny Can’t Think … Robert W. Whitaker

I am here in Eastern Europe running my usual introductory fever, I always got sick in Latin America, Africa, Asia, you name it.

But I make as much sense when I’m sick as I do when I’m well.

As I said before, if you read Joe Sobran’s Foreword and my first chapter you will discover that for me today’s professors are just one more version of the same old thing. Neocons are professors or wannabe professors, so they talk about professors with respect.

But as the Internet grows, we are going to have a generation that has none of the respect and deference professors depend on.

In earlier days, you had to go to the college library. But you can get all that on the Internet. We are exactly in the position of the literate European middle class when the day of Gutenberg dawned, and the Bible was no longer the monopoly of the clerics.

Can anybody expand on this or just make some random points about it?

The bottom line is that faculties can no longer claim to be special. They can not say that we peasants have the right to come on our own campuses and debate them with their permission.

It is time for us to invade them on their home ground.



1/29/05 Insider Letter

(Reprinted to Blog from email list of 1/29/05)

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

In this week’s article referring to the attempts to abolish “racism” I wrote, “Since there is no solution to the ‘problems’ of human nature, any attempt to create one is, by definition, inhuman.”

“Racism” is certainly a part of human nature. When professors say, “Every white is unconsciously racist,” to a degree they are right. It is entirely natural, especially when it comes to finding a mate, for human beings to want to be with people who look like themselves.

This is a huge problem for the multiculturalist, a problem that can only be overcome by extreme thought indoctrination, the kind of extreme thought indoctrination that takes place every day on college campuses across the country.

Professors are the purveyors of the propaganda that penetrates impressionable people.

A leftist might respond to this by saying that Christians say sin is also a part of human nature, and since “racism” is a sin (a worse sin than most) should it not be controlled and eradicated by any means necessary?

Many of these same leftists have no problems with adultery, fornication, and many of the other sins that Jesus actually DID preach against. For them, “racism” is the ultimate sin, not because Jesus preached against it, but because it interferes with their multi-cult agenda.

Jesus said many things while He was on earth, but whether or not He preached against “racism” depends on how it is defined.

If “racism” is defined as hating other races and wishing them ill, Jesus preached against it.

If “racism” is defined as wanting your children to look like yourself and your ancestors, of being proud of your racial heritage, who you are and how God made you, then Jesus never preached against it.

Jesus summed up the entire Law in the Golden Rule, which says to do to others as you would want them to do to you. Building a society based on common characteristics and values does not run contrary to anything Jesus taught, so long as we allow others to have their own such society.

In fact, I would go so far as to say that, since God MADE the races as they are and created the “bounds of their habitation,” the Good Lord isn’t for the liberal brand of multiculturalism any more than ‘Ole Bob is.




An Old Stalinist

I was talking to an old Stalinist tonight. He is a former Eastern European college professor and the person who introduced us didn’t know that, all BS aside, he was just a plain old Stalinist.

I recognized him quickly. I spent decades facing off these people.

He was talking about American imperialism and I cut him short. I said, “You know and I know that if the United States wanted to conquer the whole world right now nobody would be in our way.”

He mentioned terrorists, but I said, “if we got ruthless, we’d kill them and you know it.”

He’s a Stalinist, he knows what ruthlessness IS.

Americans don’t want the world or we would have it. The only reason anybody says “imperialist” is because they know we’re not.

Americans are silly assses. Americans are slaves to Israel.

But no one seems to get to the bottom line: everybody else on earth is weak beyond belief. If fifty million Arabs wanted to settle in Russia, what would Russia do about it?


If a black African wanted to rape a Finn’s daughter, what would the Finn do about it?


What the world is about today is WEAKNESS, COWARDICE, HELPLESSNESS.



Defrocking the Excommunicated

Guest, Paul Fromm

Teacher’s College Seeks to Lift Licence of Dissident Teacher

Three gruelling days of hearings are over and the farce has been adjourned until early July. It takes two hours of preparation for an hour of cross-examination. In 1997, after six years of lobbying the Canadian Jewish Congress and the League for Human Rights (well, not free speech rights) succeeded in pressuring the Peel Board of Education to fire me from my position as an English instructor, after a 24 year career, where I’d been hailed by former Director Robert Lee as an “exemplary teacher.” I had never used the classroom to preach politics. My sin was that I had expressed criticism of Canada’s lunatic immigration policies and had stood up for free speech on my own time, outside of school hours. For having been a heretic and not shown the proper respect for multiculturalism and ethnocultural equity, I was fired.

Now, seven years later, the forces of repression want to take my teaching certificate and I am again on trial for my political views.

Tuesday began with my motion to adjourn for a month. As this is a political trial, I may wish to move that one or more of the three-man Tribunal recuse themselves for political bias. Current law requires a person to raise this issue at the earliest moment. How can I investigate the panel unless I know who they are. I asked repeatedly but was denied this information until Tuesday morning. My motion for adjournment was turned down.

The Ontario College of Teachers is represented, in one way or another by four lawyers. I always enjoy even odds. There’s just me to oppose the strike force from McCarthy Tetrault, the pricy downtown Toronto firm that represents the Teachers’ College – the body that licences Ontario teachers.

Today, I got to start my cross examination of a former Department Head of mine. Her testimony was so whiney, it was laughable. She complained that my very presence made her and her leftist allies afraid and stressed. She admitted that I hadn’t preached at them or discussed my views. It seems that my very existence was an afront to them. So much for tolerance.

They feared for their lives and families, oh not from innocuous me, but from my “associates.” When asked whether my associates — members of the Heritage Front — had ever threatened her, she had to admit they hadn’t. She loves to deal in generalities and flees from specifics. She had heard — she couldn’t be sure where or when or how — that I was “linked” — they love that word — to the Ku Klux Klan. Well, had she ever seen me in a bedsheet? (I probably should have phrased that more delicately.) Well, no. Did she ever ask me about it? Well, no.

I’ll continue this report in a few days.

Paul Fromm



p.s. A big thanks to John and Lynda for sitting through these three days and watching my back. Even bigger thanks to my backstage lawyer who has given me the advice and the legal research to be able to mix it up with the lawyers from McCarthy-Tetrault. Thanks to all those who’ve e-mailed me with their support. Tuesday night there was a lengthy item on the CTV news and this article appeared in the Toronto Star on Wednesday. This morning, I appeared on the John Oakley radio open-line show in Toronto. All three callers, including a former student, backed my right to free speech.


On trial for views, fired teacher says
2005-01-26 07:53:20 [Education]
A Peel teacher fired in 1997 for allegedly fraternizing with white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups in his free time has pleaded not guilty to discreditable conduct. Paul Fromm, 56, who is representing himself at a disciplinary hearing before the Ontario College of Teachers, yesterday described the proceedings as “a trial of my political views.” Leslie Ferenc reports.

On trial for views, fired teacher says
Fired for alleged links to white supremacists
Now faces charges from profession‘s governing body


A Peel teacher fired in 1997 for allegedly fraternizing with white supremacists and neo-Nazi groups in his free time has pleaded not guilty to discreditable conduct.

Paul Fromm, 56, who is representing himself at a disciplinary hearing before the Ontario College of Teachers, yesterday described the proceedings as “a trial of my political views,” saying teachers have the right to express their opinions on their own time.

“You will have to make a decision about teachers and their outside political activity and if it should be censored,” he told the tribunal hearing his case.

Fromm faces several misconduct charges, including failure to maintain professional standards, not complying with college regulations and bylaws, disgraceful, dishonourable, unprofessional and/or unbecoming conduct, and practising while in a conflict of interest. If found guilty, he faces anywhere from a reprimand to losing his licence to teach in Ontario.

In his opening remarks, Fromm noted that of the 57 cases of alleged professional misconduct on the college’s list of discipline cases, his is the only one involving a teacher’s political or religious views. Some 90 per cent relate to inappropriate sexual acts with students, while the rest deal with such issues as theft, inability to manage a classroom and forgery of credentials.

“I’m embarrassed to be in such bad company,” he said.

Despite years of highly publicized political activities outside of work, Fromm said he kept his views to himself in class and there were no complaints about him professionally.

His request for a one-month adjournment was denied. He wanted the delay so he could do background checks on the panel members to determine their political opinions and if they would be biased against him.

Fromm said he wants to hold on to his teaching licence “as an option,” calling it “a matter of principle and honour.”

His off-duty political activities, including co-founding Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform Inc. — which, according to the notice of hearing, attacked the “principles of multiculturalism and tolerance” — did have an impact on his students, colleagues and the community, argued college lawyer Caroline Zayid. According to the seven-page notice of hearing, Fromm attended numerous political meetings over the years, including a 1990 Martyr’s Day rally. During a speech, he hailed John Ross Taylor, who promoted hatred with anti-Semitic messages taped on his phone machine, as a hero. Taylor died in 1994.

Fromm’s remarks were recorded on videotape and played yesterday. Among other things, it showed some participants giving Nazi salutes and a swastika banner in the hall.

In 1991, Fromm was at a Heritage Front meeting to celebrate Adolf Hitler’s birthday. In 1994, he attended a rally of the white supremacist group the National Alliance, where he sat on stage with former Ku Klux Klan head David Duke.

“Can a person engaged in such off-duty activity be a teacher in the first place?” Zayid said.

She acknowledged that Fromm has the right to freedom of speech, “but it doesn’t mean he can also be a teacher.”

Retired Peel District School Board superintendent Sandra Birthelmer testified that Fromm was reprimanded in 1991 for blurting out the words “scalp them” during a Toronto race-relations committee meeting, while a speaker talked about the need to curb racist groups.

Despite a warning, he continued his activities, she added.

The hearing continues today.

I repeat.

Political Correctness is not like a religion, it IS a religion.

ZERO tolerance. Scorched-earth policy — no competing religious doctrine or thought allowed or unpunished.

Ex-communicate. Neutralize.


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Bad is Bad. Good is Good.

I was talking to a Trappist monk a few years back, and he was talking about how things used to be. Trappists were known as the masters of self-torture.

They never spoke. They slept about five hours a night, interrrupted constatntly to get up for canonical hours. Their beds were rock. Some wore hair shirts. They ate no meat, poultry, eggs, fruits, beans, and a list of anything else that might not be bland enough.

They did heavy labor every waking hour.

They were famous.

The idea was that God and Satan thrived on human agony.

For centuries in Spain the saying was, “Life is not good or we would not need so many philosophers.”

So apparently, after hundreds of years of being famous for the agony God loved so much, the Trappists woke up one morning, said, “This is insane,” and STOPPED it.

Now you have to explain to the young what the Trappists were in the 1960s.

And here is the revolution that no one notices that really matters.

You can either provide for people’s needs and WANTS or you can explain why they must Suffer.

Any moron can torture you. Practically no one on earth can think of a way to make you happy. By exactly the same token, any guy who learns to read can sit on his backside, spout out impressive words preferably in Greek or Hebrew or Latin, and explain the Purpose of Suffering.

This guy’s theme song is that of the group which calls itself The Greatest Generation:

“You think you had it rough? Let me tell you what Rough is….”

So you feed him and bow down to him.

And one day, in some Trappist monastery, somebody dragged himself out of his stone-hard bed of pain and said, “Why the Hell? God LIKES this?”

Jesus stopped going over the undercurrents and interpretations of the Ten Commandments and said be good to others.

It is much easier to go nuts over the Sabbath than it is to find one single thing you can do to HELP your neighbor.

No, Virginia, Suffering is not good. It is cheap.

Good is good. Bad is bad.



There are no Secure Wars

Some of the comments on getting me on radio broadcasts had comments about the fact that messages recommending me were not “secure.”

We had a saying in DC: “Never write down anything that you would not want to see on the front page of the Washington Post tomorrow.”

I don’t ever write down anything that needs to be “secure.”

Yesterday I was once again Stormfront’s special guest and, more important, I was David Duke’s special guest on his FIRST internet radio broadcast.

[You’ve been reading for a very long time. Now listen. Winsome, at ease, cogent, a memory, and a contagious humor. Don’t forget to notice that the ladies “love” me (my voice, that is). Bless them. The technology for broadcasting uses products by Nullsoft and for best listening quality and compatibility, you may wish to download the newest version of its free Winamp player at

Now, LISTEN to Rep. Duke’s Town Hall with Special Guest Bob Whitaker Webcast of Jan. 23rd archived at – about 90 minutes worth. ]

Dave is big on Jews and keeps referring everything back to Jews. My interest in Jews begins and ENDS with the fact that any white gentile like me who dares worry about the destruction of his own race is accused of being antisemitic and anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

Am I worried about someone taking some statement of David Duke’s and sticking me with it? Sure I am. But there comes a point when all that goes out the window.

I may get hurt. But things have gotten beyond that point.

No, I am not “secure.” Yes, I am taking a chance. In the normal world, when the screen tells you that you are not secure, you should read it over.

But there comes a time when you have to say, “Screw security, this is war!”

And the more of us who do that, the less that threat means.

I’m going in.

I didn’t say that “I’m going in” was the Shrewd thing to do. I know that if they destroy me for going in, all the Shrewd people will say, “He should have known better.”

But I’m going in.

They have pushed me too far.