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America’s First White Guilt Complex is in Danger

Discoveries in South Carolina of men who were here 50,000 years ago are making trouble for the Indian guilt complex white liberals are so fond of.

About those pre-Indian Americans:

I read a fun book published in 1968 by the MacMillan Company of New York, in other words, very main-line, called Lone Star by T.R. Fehrenbach.

On page 3-4 he talks about the first people to be in Texas:

“Modern radiocarbon tests from one camp site to be beyond the dating range of the carbon-14 technique — and this process can search back 37,000 years. Man in Texas is not, as scientists once believed, a late arrival. Fluorine analysis of ancient human bones found in Texas limestone showed that these were contemporary with the bones of the ages-extinct Pleistocene horse, uncovered beside them. Archeologists, who once firmly thought that Indians were the first proprietors of North America, grudgingly named these original Texans Paleo-Americans, or simply Old Americans.”

“They were biologically true men — the half-men, such as the European Neanderthal, had died out long before they left the Old World. They were not Mongoloid. The skulls they left behind are longheaded, more longheaded than any race of modern men…. They are more unlike American Indians than white men are different from Chinese, and they may have been a Caucasoid race that roamed east out of central Asia in the human dawn.”

In other words, the facts keep getting in the way of our guilt complexes about driving the Indians out of America, since they drove others out. But no professor ever mentions any of this in the indoctrination of each new generation that we pay for.


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Bedford Worries About My Alienating Everybody

Bedford says I might be too demanding and alienating conservatives like himself.

After all, I have been a fighting leader of conservatism since the 1950s, only a few years after I became a Southern Nationalist.

At the same time I was a warrior against Communism. I was a far better patriot for Ameria than most professional patriots.

BUT, and it is a big BUT, I am not BLINDLY loyal. So, though I am a patriot to America against foreigners, you can’t take my loyalty for granted.

So when the courts decided that the purpose of America is to mix races, I will NOT be loyal to THAT America.

You cannot “interpret” the Constitution to mean its own opposite and expect me to be loyal to what you now call the Constitution.

When the Southern nationalist movement became official in the late 1990s, its original leaders were desperate to prove they had nothing to do with “racism.” They wanted an integrated, open-borders, multiculture South just like the United States.

I said to hell with it.

Whitaker Online started as a protest against that sort of “Southern Nationalism.” I helped change it.

So conservatism has stopped being against forced integration. Nobody is more fanatically integrationist than today’s conservative.

So what are conservatives interested in today? Mostly they dedicate themselves to the idea that a fertilized egg is the same as a child. They are also interested in a big military to be used however anybody wants it to be used, mostly for Israel.

Conservatives are worried today about prayers in schools and other trivia, the more trivial the better. They also say they want to spend less taxpayers’ money for social programs than liberals do. They want it to pay for more soldiers to fight Israel’s wars.

Meanwhile, what these conservatives are really doing is robbing America of a genuine opposition. That is their ONLY function.

They pretend opposition in the 1970s was the Republican Party. I was accused of being disloyal to them, too.

In 1976, Jerry Ford said that we hard core rightists were “a minority of a minority,” that is, we were a minority of the minority Republican Party. We were driving everybody away, which happens to be exactly what Bedford accuses me of doing.

This is a perfect replay of the same game.

I was denounced in the late 70s for being disloyal to the Republican Party, exactly as Bedford worries about my disloyalty to conservatism. I was a major leader of the New Right, which abandoned the unelected President Ford and his handpicked vice president, Nelson Rockefeller.

This is about my third or fourth round in this game and I am not about to change my principles.

National Review just announced that everything liberals did until 1965 was wonderful. That was the liberalism National Review was founded in 1955 to oppose.

All their interest now is in things 1) they don’t really care about, like saving taxpayer money, 2) being silly, like saying there is no evolution and fertilized cells that will never be used to produce children are children, 3) fighting Israel’s Wars, and 4) demanding that black separatists be integrationists, and 5) demanding the Gospel of the Melting Pot.

Most “conservatives” were blindly loyal to the Republican Party under Ford and Rockefeller. Most “conservatives” are loyal integrationists and will shoot anybody who “betrays” the new Constitution proclaimed by the courts.

Make your choice. If you are blindly loyal to that kind of “conservatism,” I say to hell with you.

Bedford, I will not be a conservative today because they stink to high heaven. You are too good a man to hold your nose and support them.