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Conscientious Objectors

When I was ten, our family had to live in Columbia for a year so my brother could attend a college-preparatory high school. Her son was a conscientious objector during World War II, and she showed me the Silver Star he won in that war.

During World War II, conscientious objectors were send into the Medical Corps. The Medical Corps had the highest percentage of Medal of Honor winners of any branch of service.

World War II was what liberals and therefore respectable conservatives think of as The Good War.

For the respectable conservatives the Good War was wonderful. Liberals were telling them what good boys they were. They had themselves an ENORMOUS military, which is what respectable conservatives live for.

For liberals, the war was against the extreme right, not the left. Even more important, they were side-by-side with The Great Progressive Force under Comrade Stalin. The Good War not only saved the leftist homeland, it turned a third of the human race over to the Progressive Forces, complete with kill-line fences around it.

Practically none of the Peace Generation ever criticized World War Two, except by saying that the United States should have been in it in 1933 instead of 1941.

The Love Generation of the 1960s did not object to war. They objected to any action against Progressive Forces like the Viet Cong or the Khmer Rouge. They did not even want to be medics to the soldiers they called “hired killers” fighting against Progressivism in Vietnam or anywhere else.

Those were the Flower Children.

The Quakers were, as Solzhenitsyn points out, pipelines for any kind of propanda Comrade Stalin wanted put out. They were only outside group he WELCOMED into the Gulag. They didn’t want to run a Gulag themselves, but they sure were glad it was there.

These people are NOT cowards. If they are given a chance to fight for “anti-racism,” which means against whites or native country, they can be very, very brave indeed.

They learn that in college. You know, the college you pay for.