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Who Turns Out the Stars at Night?

If you are very lucky, you may hear a child ask this question.

It warms your heart. It contains the essence of childhood.

And that question makes all the sense in the world.

To a child.

The child’s world is his home. Lights go on because one of those All-Knowing Grown Ups turn them off. Everything is done by us Grown Ups, one of us giants who know everything that is in their tiny world.

So back to the child’s question, “Who turns the stars out at night?”

The real answer is that that is not the right question. Can you imagine a bunch of tiny children talking about this question on and on and on? How close would they EVER come to the truth?

I can imagine it. I have read a lot of theology.

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Response to Mark

I did not write “Hell is Eternal Life” to ridicule Christians. I wrote it to stop Christians from falling for every fanaticism somebody shoves under their noses.

I simply don’t have the same New Testament all these Jehovists do. Jesus kept warning over and over and over about the exact kind of twisters Pro-Lifers and anti-evolutionists on the right are, and the leftist anti-poverty types are.

I want to say, STOP IT! Stop worrying yourself sick about fetuses or six day creationism or whatever else the screamers have got you hooked on right now.

Good is good. Bad is bad. Pain is bad. Happiness is good. If you make a Mystery out of this, you are a fool, and an evil fool at that.

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Would you like to be born into the third world?

A child would say if it hurts it’s bad. A theologian would say otherwise. Follow their example and you will end up the same Place they will.

Take your choice.


I Deeply Respect Belief

One thing I want to make perfectly clear is that when I wrote the article below I was NOT, repeat NOT, making fun of people who honestly believe.

What I AM making fun of is the people Jesus warned about over and over and over.

The second anyone has a decent belief or a decent idea, someone takes advantage of them. It happens to children all the time. Remember? “Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Those of us who have honest beliefs and honest feelings are the ones the Judas goat leads to slaughter. We are the sheep Jesus keeps talking about, “Feed my sheep.”

Don’t lead His sheep into cruel and stupid things by using their feelings and their beliefs. Don’t get yourself a job as a pro-life leader by telling them that life on THIS earth, no matter how hellish, is good.

Hell is NOT good. It IS eternal life, but it is NOT good.

Bad is not good.

Pain is not good.

The God Jesus spoke of does not thrive on your agony.

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Hell Is Eternal Life

More than one priest has told me that mercy killing is always wrong because life, no matter how hideous, is precious. And professional pro-lifers tell me the same thing.

For pro-lifers the words “quality of life” are poison. Life is infinitely precious, the quality of that life is of NO importance.

Good news for pro-lifers! As a fundamentalist preacher pointed out, according to Christian doctrine, no one will EVER die.

“The wages of sin is death,” is wrong. The wages of sin is eternal life.

It will be what one might call a low quality of life.

But that doesn’t matter, does it?