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My Book vs. The Library

Roger Brown gave me an update on “my book vs. the local library” saga early this morning:

Bob Whitaker,

I hated to miss todays Town Hall but I was having trouble with my computer. I have been hounding the library non-stop, through phone calls, emails and in person, about “Why Johnny Can’t Think”. In one email a couple of weeks ago, the librarian said that he had been informed that your book is racist propaganda. I asked him who said that but he never replied. Is it possible that your book is on some kind of ADL ban list?

That is neither here nor there though. The reason that I’m writing is to inform you that the librarian has just agreed to meet with me to pleed my case. Wish me luck.

I still think that I should have tryed to join the library in some fashion and work from the inside. However, I decided to trust your hundreds of years of experiance and just bug the **** out of them.

I keep saying that the other side recognizes how much more dangerous my book is than the usual “exposure” books that are long and detailed. My other books were in libraries all over America. My last one was in the library in Americus, Georgia. It was EVERYWHERE.

Not one single library has this one anywhere on earth.

You are one of maybe two or three people who have seen the significance of this. Our enemies are afraid of me the way they are afraid of practically nobody else. I was a professor, and I was on the political inside. I know how to hurt our enemies the way few others do.

They scream at the Great Exposures our leaders put out. They don’t mind giving them SOME publicity. But they do not touch my book in any way.

There’s a reason for that.

You are one of the very, very, very, very few people on our side who can see this.