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4/9/05 Insider Letter

Posted by Bob on April 9th, 2005 under Insider Letter Archive

(Reprinted to Blog from email list of 4/9/05)

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

My regular WOL readers are probably getting tired of my constant harping about “respectable” conservatives. But I keep on this subject because it takes a long time for simple, direct truths to sink in.
You see, respectables aren’t just misguided, or ignorant, or trying to stay “under the radar.” They are plainly and simply whores for the government/media establishment. Here is another article which states this clearly.

If anyone still can’t quite grasp that fact, then take a few minutes to think about the Minuteman Project, which is going on right now. Here are hundreds of volunteers, many of them seasoned police and border patrol veterans, who are going down to the Mexican border to try and get the government to do its job.

Yet how are they portrayed in the media? Vigilantes, cowboy wannabes, etc. Illegal immigrants are given sympathetic portrayals, while American patriots are treated with derision.

What the Minutemen are staging the most important populist movement since the Wallace campaign. There are signs of it growing as people catch on to what they are doing.

This poses a big problem for the government, and so their lapdogs in the media must bark and growl. They CANNOT let Americans take back control of OUR borders.

Any sign of trouble or conflict will be played up by the media as the fault of the Minutemen. I hope that I don’t have to explain this to my regular readers, but it is vital that you learn to take EVERYTHING you see in the media with a grain of salt, in the same way you would take a come-on by a woman hanging out of a strip club door on Bourbon Street. The latter is much more sincere.

The Minuteman campaign is just what we need. Hopefully it will grow into an unstoppable movement. It is just like what I’ve been preaching about doing on our campuses. There is no reason we can’t do both.


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  1. #1 by Mark on 04/11/2005 - 10:18 am

    Bob, I for one am I glad you do continue to harp on about the “respectable” conservatives. I admit that for a short while I respected the “respecatble” conservatives and listened to their prattle w/an arms-wide embrace. Thanks to your mini-sermons I have re-thought my position and when I listen to the fat blow-hard Limbaugh or the pen-pointing Rush-wannabe Hannity, I find myself using logic to quietly counter their prostitutional arguments. Usually I end changing the station but that goes w/o saying.

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