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Know How Much You Know

A non-racist once made a very perceptive remark to me. He said:

“The racists I know come in two types. They are very, very ignorant or they are the smartest people I have ever met.”

This was in the course of saying I was one of the smartest people he had ever met, but my opinions were not the ones “smart people” were supposed to have.

What he called “ignorant” described the sort of people I feel comfortable with. They are working people whose minds are not cluttered with fashionable nonsense. So they have no problem saying they don’t know and they are willing to listen to sense.

From the Yuppie point of view, they are hopeless yokels.

From my point of view, the Yuppies have all the intellectual capacity of a brick wall, while those “ignorant yokels” are real people.

What makes me feel good about this concept that people who are worried about the white race are either quote ignorant unquote or brilliant is because it reminds me of Jesus.

Jesus confounded the High Priests with his brilliance when He was about twelve years old. Then He gave up on the Old Testament scholars and went out and talked to the “ignorant” and the sinners.

I keep realizing that everything I think of Jesus already did and said better.

Jesus is welcome to the patent. I just want to use the produce He produced.



Thanks, Don!

Don is writing his own blog here. Don writes a LOT.

But wait a minute, Bob, isn’t this Bob’s Blog?

It certainly is, and Bob’s Blog is about getting you people THINKING. I am not interested in just sitting here talking to myself.

I got Don to thinking and writing. I would like to get YOU to thinking and writing.

I take credit for what YOU write. I take credit for what my book team does because they wouldn’t have done it without me.

I take credit for the Hubble Telescope because it wouldn’t be up there if it wasn’t for me. I take credit for the fact that the INS was stopped from imposing racial quotas on private schools thirty years ago because I USED other people to stop it.

And they appreciated my go-ahead.

I take credit for many, many ideas that I got started.

That is what power, real power, is. I have changed the world in more ways than I can count.

In his autobiography Ben Franklin said that, if you want something done, be sure someone else gets the credit for it. They deserve it. You can spend your life on doing one thing, or you get the ball rolling and find other people to do the job better than you can.

The only thing that worries me about Don’s comments is that he is the only one who is doing it. I come here twice a day to moderate comments. What really depresses me is when I see “Comments to be Moderated (0).”

Which seems to mean that what I said didn’t hit any buttons in your mind.

I think what I say should get you to THINKING.

Keep it up, Don.

And as for the rest of you, I’d like to kick you in what you seem to think is your brain.