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Why America’s Population Is Aging

Posted by Bob on April 21st, 2005 under History

Fed Chairman Greenspan is bemoaning the aging of America’s population so USA Today had a special front-page article on it.

Let me tell you how that happened.

Eric Hoffer, who never touched political issues, mused about 1970, “There seems to be a kind of conspiracy against the birth of intelligent children.”

There was.

In the 1960s and 1970s there was a full scale battle for childlessness. A motto of Women’s Liberation was, “It is at least as rewarding for a woman to paint a picture as to have a child.”

Zero Population Growth was at its height.

The third world had many, many children, so the media advocated that the first world be childless to make up for that. Every old conservative was saying that the problem with the world was overpopulation.

Even Wilmot Robertson, who demanded the saving of the white race in his “The Dispossessed Majority,” went with the trend. He advised young white people, “Please, in this overcrowded world, have no more than three children.”

Who were to have the children? Obviously the third world was having more than enough of them. Anyone who said that smart people should have children was, and this is not an exaggeration, a Nazi. National Review announced without qualification that all children were the same.

There was an organization called “No Children” which got lots of publicity. Bob Barker, the big game show host, agreed with his wife to have no children and dedicate himself to taking care of stray animals.

Jewish liberals led in this campaign, a campaign against the long-dead Hitler. Bella Abzug was head of Women’s Liberation.

And guess what population is now in a state of utter collapse?

The Jews, of course.

When your life is dedicated to revenge, you destroy yourself.


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