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North Korea, Iran, and Neoconservatism

Lately National Review had an article in which it praised everything liberal Democrats had done until 1965. National Review was founded in 1955 to fight those great liberal accomplishments.

This is neoconservatism. A neoconservative says that everything liberals did was right until on or about January 1, 1970. He says that every warning anti-liberals gave about liberal policies before, on, or about January 1, 1970 was wrong.

So liberals are able to become neoconservatives while never admitting they were ever wrong.

The difference between us old anti-liberals and neocons is a hell of a lot more than just theory.

One of the Great Accomplishments National Review worships liberals for is the end of colonialism. We said, “Give non-white countries full sovereignty? You’ve got to be NUTS!”

Now, suddenly, non-white countries like North Korea and Iran are getting nuclear weapons. If a non-white country has the same sovereignty as a white country, OF COURSE they are going to get nuclear weapons.

According to liberal doctrine, they have every right to do so.

The neocon argument is very familiar. They say:

“We love colored folks, but only if they stay in their place.”

You have to decide whether white countries and colored countries are equal are not. We said they weren’t. National Review is on its knees begging forgiveness for being associated with us.

Since then there has been OPEC and the spread of nuclear weapons. Africa is a total disaster. Even National Review admits that.

We warned that integration was aimed at destroying the white race. Both conservatives and liberals not only admit that, but they brag about it. They demand the final solution to the white problem, which they phrase “the race problem.”

But this “race problem” does not exist in Asia or Africa, half the habitable world. Immigration and integration are the solution to “the race problem” only in white countries. No one demands immigration or integration in non-white countries.

You have to decide, “Are whites and non-whites equal?”

We said no. The neocons and respectable conservatives say, “Yes, but….”

Liberalism led to where we are now. From the get-go. Neocons are nuts.


The Upside of Press Bias

One of the major reasons Teddy Kennedy destroyed his chances for the Democratic presidential nomination at Chappaquiddick was because the national media loved him dearly. Like his brother John Kennedy, Teddy was protected from any exposure of his increasingly insane personal scandals.

Drunk and womanizing all the time, Teddy Kennedy was a disaster waiting to happen, and it happened at Chappaquiddick. Those of us the media hated were kept in line.

If the media hate you, it keeps you clean. Those of us the media hated had to stick closely to the adage, “Don’t do anything you would not want to be on the front page of the Washington Post tomorrow.”

I have never seen anyone mention this before, but what the media to us was exactly what it is SUPPOSED to do. For us, they acted as watchdogs. No liberal is bothered until he is on his way to prison. Which is one reason so many of them get indicted.

In fact, there is only one exception I know to the rule that the media went after anti-liberals hammer and tong while ignoring anything liberals did. That was the case of homosexuals.

Two hard-core conservative congressmen, Bob Bauman and Jon Hinson, had been cruising the gay bars and, in Hinson’s case, conducted homosexual orgies right there on Capitol Hill. If those activities had been with women, they would have been in the media at the start.

But homosexual scandals, no matter how blatant, were always ignored by the media. So Bauman and Hinson were not discussed until they were being kicked out of congress. They could have been stopped from going to Kennedy extremes if the media had done its job.

When I got my higher and higher security clearances there was no doubt in anybody’s mind that the media had vetted me thoroughly. But when Theodore Sorensen, a good leftist, went for his security clearance for a very high level presidential appointment, he was denied it. The media had ignored all the things that made him a suspect of subversion.

The press only does its job when it hates you.

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