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The Last WASP Joke

Posted by Bob on April 27th, 2005 under History

For a while back there, when the term WASP, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant came out in the 1970s, liberals tried to make WASP jokes as ethnic slurs, the way blonds have replaced blacks in jokes today.

The problem was, of course, that liberals have no sense of humor. The best they can do is New York comedians who are either filthy or insulting or both. Their attempts at humor were just insults and were not funny.

The last one of them was actually funny. It was funny because it made a real point, and that was the exact point liberals did NOT want to make.

Here it is:

A black man, a Jew, and WASP were on an elevator. Suddenly the elevator stopped and a man in a robe appeared to them. The man said, “I have come to earth to grant each of you your fondest wish.”

The black man said, “I am sick of the oppression of my people and I’m sick of white prejudice. I want my people to be back in Africa where our people are free.”

“Your wish is granted,” he was told, and the black man disappeared on his way to Africa.

The Jew said, “My people have suffered for ten thousand years. We have loved everybody and been hated by them. I want all my people to be in Israel where Jews are free.”

“Your wish is granted.” And the Jew disappeared on his way to Israel with all his people.

The robed man then turned to the WASP. “What is your dearest wish?”

The WASP looked thoughtful. He said, “The blacks are all back in Africa and the Jews are all in Israel, what do I wish for now?”

“I think I’ll take a Diet Coke.”

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