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It’s Time to Discuss Theology

Posted by Bob on April 28th, 2005 under How Things Work

No, I do not mean talking about Christianity or Buddhism or Islam or Judaism. They have nothing to do with religion today.

From today’s point of view, what we normally call “religion” is actually mythology. After the Christians took over in the fourth century, people still studied Zeus and Athena and all the other old gods, but they studied them as the outdated beliefs of their ancestors.

Today, schools still teach about what the churches or mosques or temples or synagogues believe, but from the outside, the way you study a species of bug that you are not part of. That’s mythology or maybe entomology, but it’s not theology.

Real theology today is an examination of words like “education” or “diversity,” the things we pay for, the things we are required to believe in, but for which there is no evidence in this world. Religion is a faith in things that are unseen and unseeable.

An established religion is a faith in things which are unseeable but which you not only have to believe in, you have to pay for it. The established religion makes you use its words and obey and observe its rites, like our society’s rigid requirement that there is something about four years spent in an institution with no known output and the supposed value of a college degree.

Notice I said “***a*** college degree.” It is required for many things. To advance above a certain rank in the military, you have to have two years of college.

What college? It doesn’t matter? Do you have to learn anything? Of course not. No priest is required to take a test to decide whether the can perform transubstantiation at the altar. No professor is asked to prove he did anything but sign a paper saying you took a course.

Like any priest, all a professor needs is the proper ordination. He has to be in “an accredited institution,” which means a school other professors, the priests of our established religion, have to determine are sound in all matters of faith and Politically Correct morality.

I am choosing my words carefully here. Can you see any way on earth this process of “education” cannot be called a religion?”

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