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Racial Incident

When I was working at the Voice of America, a new secretary was a young black woman fresh out of eastern North Carolina. We got to be good buddies.

I knew why she was glad to talk to me. When I first got to Washington I would often listen to a black man at a local station who would just sit back and talk to his black audience. I missed home, and he talked in a way I was used to.

But as I said this young black woman was FRESH out of North Carolina, and she said something to a white lady working there that nobody knew how to handle, including me. She was complaining that her boy friend had dated white women.

She said to the white girl, a Federal employee, “There’s no way YOU would date a black man, is there?”

The white girl simply did not know what to say. Here was role reversal with a vengeance. If she said she WOULD date a black man, my buddy would have obviously considered her a slut. If she said she WOULDN’T date black men, every chance she ever had of promotion would be gone, if she kept her job at all.

I don’t remember the outcome. That is not the point.

The point is that the black woman did not know her role, the role we all take for granted.

As a Designated Black Woman, her job was to report any white female who even hinted she would not love to go to bed with a black man. Everybody in the room knew that but her.

It was a given. It was a basic. It was her ROLE.

Any black man or woman is free to say he will not date whites. I have heard many a black man openly proclaim that he will not date black women. For a white MAN to say he will not date black girls is asking for trouble.

But for a white GIRL to say she will not date blacks is asking, not just for trouble, but for DISASTER. That is the Mortal Sin of the religion of Political Correctness. You know it, I know it, everybody knew it.

Except for this one black woman.

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Pro Strategy

I have a hell of a team.

In the blog below I pointed out Kim Novak was a blue-eyed blond-headed slut, like Sonja Henie, so it was assumed that any black man, married or not, had the right to go after her.

I can make mistakes, my team can’t. So one of my team informed me that Kim Novak was a brown-eyed slut with blond hair which may have come out of a bottle. They sent a complete set of photographs to make the point.

These are pros, and nobody charges me a dime. They get the same pay I do, fighting for the cause and nothing else.

They are pros who work for me because I’m a pro.

They have to make sure I KNOW when I’m skirting the thin edge. But my job is to skirt that edge.

For example, I often use the forbidden word, “All.”

I say, “All colored countries are poor.” This is a trap, and my opponents invariably fall into that.

When there is an audience, my opponent thinks he’s got this poor old ignorant redneck bigot right where a truly sophisticated person wants him. He digs for exceptions.

And he is digging his own grave.

There is an almost all-black island in the Carribean which has almost half the per capita income of the US. It is tourist spot, essentially an America suburb. On a world scale, it is rich, not poor. They bring it up.

Kuwait, Dubai and other oil-ruch countries have a much higher per capita income of the United States. They bring that up.

They can win a point on me. They are welcome to it. In the meantime, I keep making MY point:

Without white countries to find uses for oil, to find oil, to get the oil from under the brown folks’ feet, the world is doomed to poverty and despair. Without white Americans to generate tourism and airplanes, that Carribean island would be another Haiti.

My team is very, very careful to let me know when I am not correct factually. I need to know that.

But they are also professional enough to know not to worry about it. They figure this poor old stumbling bigoted redneck has a pretty good idea of what he is doing.

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