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Someone was writing me about how what I said condemned their beliefs.

A lot of what I have said contradicted MY beliefs.

The idea here is to make you THINK, not to make you think like me.

It just occurred to me that I would be absolutely appalled if someone declared that he was now a Whitakerist, and expected me to give him all the right answers.

Forget all my books and speeches and other writing and even this blog. The main page of Whitakeronline.ORG has been running now for almost seven years. The archives are now probably half a million words long. It is bigger than the Koran or the New Testament and is rapidly catching up on the Old Testament.

I am even less nice to myself than I am to others. Reading over some stuff I wrote, I say, “I cannot believe that a reasonably intelligent person wrote that.”

I also think other things that I can’t repeat here. But that is what I was thinking that week. Reading over my old writings is a great cure for any notion that I am infallible.

A lot of times someone will say to me, very apologetically, “I don’t agree with everything you say.”

That makes me a little dizzy. What kind of idiot does he think I am? What delusions of grandeur does he think I have?

I don’t like it when somebody says, “I don’t agree with everything you say.” It’s like saying, “I don’t agree with you that you are the Prophet Mohammed.”

I never said I was.



Full Circle

When Jesus walked on this earth, He was constantly asked, “What good are you as a Messiah if you are not here to save Israel from the Romans?”

Jesus, replied, “My kingdom is not of this earth.”

Today Christians are back to saying that Christianity means nothing if it does not save The State of Israel from its enemies.

When Jesus walked the earth, people asked Him about the poor. He “The poor we have always with us,” and wanted them to worry about the salvation of their souls.

Now the churches have started a joint project aimed, not at saving souls, but at helping the poor. They tell us, “That is what Christ was all about.”

By a strange coincidence, it is also Politically Correct and good public relations.

What good is the Bible, we are asked, if it does not answer every question that comes on Planet Earth?

Saving souls is nice, but we got REAL problems.

So every Sunday every preacher shows you how the Bible will take care of your personal problems, your family problems, your financial problems, your health, your looks, being likeable, everything on THIS earth.

Which is precisely what Jesus did NOT say.

We are back to the philosophy of those who crucified Jesus.

We have come full circle.



Neither Angels Nor Devils Are Human Beings

Some Amish are being accused of child molestation.

This did not get reported earlier because the Amish were looked upon as angels.

The same thing happened to Catholics priests and bishops. Boy-rape (not “child” molestation) took decades to expose because Catholic priests were looked upon as angels.

When the boy rapes by priests and the bishops’ perpetuating it became public, all Catholic priests became suspect. If you make someone an angel, you are going to make them devils eventually. They are never just humans who have some bad apples.

Jews have the same problem. Since Nazi Germany, Jews have been treated as angels.

Alan Dershowitz is openly dedicated to two things:

1) Whites must be wiped out by interracial marriage, and

2) Jews must be preserved by avoiding interfaith marriages.

This is a common Jewish attitude, but nobody DARES say it is wild hypocrisy. If Jews are openly hypocritical, nobody can say so.

Why? Because since Hitler, who made all Jews devils, Jews have been looked upon as angels.

To Modern Thought, Jews cannot be mere human beings. They must be angels or devils.

Nazis and Modern Thought agree:

Jews are not human.



The Longest Journey

The longest journey in the Bible is not the forty years it took Moses to lead his people to the Promised Land. A longer trip took place DURING that journey.

Think about it. Moses had gone to the mountain and spent time with God. God had written the Ten Commandments and entrusted them to Moses. When Moses arrived to see his people worshiping a Golden Calf, Moses was so angry that he dashed the precious stone tablets to the ground.

Then he had to go back up the mountain and tell Jehovah what he had done.

If you have ever waited to get chewed out by your boss, you will realize that the longest trip in the Bible was the one Moses took back up that mountain.

He played it over and over in his mind:

GOD: “Did you give the Commandments to your people.”

MOSES: “No. I smashed them all to bits. Could I please have a copy?”

When Moses arrived, Jehovah already knew what had happened.

I think God has a sense of humor. He invented it.

So when Moses said, “You know those Ten Commandments you gave me? I broke them.”

Jehovah replied, “You broke ALL of them?”


You broke all of them AT ONE TIME?”


“Moses, you don’t do things half way, do you?”



Reply to Joey

Joey, when Bill Rusher mentioned in one of his books that I had come up with the idea that Federal courts are always the last bastion of yesterday’s power, I was astonished.

Nobody EVER mentions that they got their ideas from me. That’s my whole game.

I was lecturing Pat and the group he associates with the idea of judicial dictatorship long, long ago, and it slowly seeped in. In my 1982 book I talked about judicial decrees, and I said, as I had been saying long before then, that:

“A system where one man’s opinion is law has a name, and it is NOT democracy.”

I was telling Pat and those he knew about genocide against the white race before I wrote it down in a 1976 book.

A quarter of a century later, Pat wrote “Death of the West.”

Try to understand that this is what my life is ABOUT.

I have enormous power precisely because I concentrate on planting ideas. It is hard work. I push and I push and I finally get someone who has no idea where they came from to get to them when it is time. While they were concentrating on “getting the Negro vote” forty years ago, I was planting and pushing ideas that bore fruit when they became useful to SOMEBODY, I don’t care whom, a decade or two later.

This is POWER.

I have changed the world and I will be changing it long after I die.

Joey said,

“I heard Pat Buchanan mention the judicial dictatorship when referring to the Supreme Court. The liberal on the panel looked angry to say the least. As far as I know, Buchanan has never used this term before.

Interesting to know that Pat listens to Bob. Will you speak about this and other examples of others using your thoughts as their own?”


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5/28/05 Bob’s Weekly WOL Articles

Weekly Articles

May 28, 2005
Guest Worker Programs NEVER Work
Communist North Vietnam’s Boy in DC
McCain to the Rescue!

Fun Quote:

Moderation in all things is an extreme position.


Guest Worker Programs NEVER Work

I was working on a brick plant in Germany in 1959. There was a huge worker shortage in the booming German economy, so they decided to start the original “guest worker” program. The idea was that they would allow workers from “poor” countries to come in and work until the post-war boom ended, then send them home.

As soon as GERMAN workers started to be unemployed, they would just send the guest workers (Gastarbeiter) home.

I was eighteen years old. I told them, “Once they get here, you’ll NEVER get rid of them.” I was told I was too young to understand the subtleties of the brilliant European Mind. I was a provincial racist from the South.

And so on and so forth.

That was back when I was also saying that after schools were integrated whites would drop to the level of blacks. Drug addiction and illegitimacy, largely black problems at the time, would skyrocket among whites.

I said school standards would collapse.

I said schools would become violent.

I was told I was a provincial racist. I did not understand the subtle brilliance of the Academic Mind.

Germany never got rid of its guest workers. White drug addiction is as high as black rates were in 1954, and black rates are now even worse. School standards have collapsed. Schools now routinely have to run weapons checks.

So Bill O’Reilly and all the conservatives agree that what is needed in America to take care of Mexican immigration is a Guest Worker Plan.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

Communist North Vietnam’s Boy in DC

So who is taking the lead on a guest worker program?

John McCain, of course.

John McCain has the silver star for bravery as a prisoner of war in Vietnam.

In order to get the silver star you have to be seen performing a heroic deed by a superior officer. McCain, according to John McCain, resisted torture by the North Vietnamese.

Well, sort of. He has said repeatedly and publically that in other wars one could resist and survive, but in North Vietnam he knew some who resisted that way and they are all dead. So he admits he gave information.

So they gave him a silver star for being a prisoner of war. No one saw his “bravery” when the Communists questioned him. His open admission that he gave information is a good defense preparation if his file ever emerges from the Vietnamese Communists.

He told US News and World Report (I looked it up) that his first words to the Communists when he was captured were, “I am injured. You give me medicine and I’ll give you information.”

Move over, Jane Fonda.

To repeat, the Vietnamese are the only ones who have access to McCain’s interrogation file. No American has ever seen it. But McCain was the son of an admiral, so they gave him a silver star.

It so happens that John McCain is the best friend Communist Vietnam has in congress. Even far left liberals don’t bow and scrape to them the way McCain does. He has helped block all attempts to find missing Vietnam POW’s. The families of missing Americans in Vietnam hate him.

This is very relevant, because John McCain is doing the same thing for the left today that he did when was a POW in Vietnam.
-. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -. -.

McCain to the Rescue!

In Vietnam John McCain wore the American uniform and he admits he helped the Viet Cong. He is invaluable to Communist Vietnam today. If a liberal says he thinks all the POWs are accounted for, no one believes him. But when John McCain, the ex-POW and Official Hero, says that North Vietnam has done all they can do to locate missing POWs, everybody agrees.

If John McCain loves North Vietnam and wants to leave “all that” behind him, people listen. He is a Hero. He has Suffered and Forgiven.

So when liberals realize they can’t get hard gun control yet, they get McCain to lead a charge to get whatever gun control they CAN get. When the Senate gets ready to get rid of the filibuster on a presidential appointment, McCain heads up a group of senators to save them.

On the guest worker program, McCain is in there getting everything he can for open border liberals.

This is how it works. On one side there are those few sane people who want to simply enforce our immigration laws. On the other side there are those who want a huge amnesty program which will begin with the cover-name “guest workers.” The middle of the road would be between these two groups.

In steps McCain, who offers a “conservative” guest workers’ program. His has become the conservative, the right-wing position. So the middle of the road is between McCain, who wants a guest worker program that will soon be total amnesty for all illegal invaders, and those who want completely open borders.

McCain is the best thing that ever happened to the left. He carries more of their water than any five liberal senators ever could.

In America, McCain is far more useful to the left as a “conservative” senator than any five liberal senators could ever be.


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5/28/05 Insider Letter

(Reprinted to Blog from email list of 5/28/05)

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

My team leader told me to write an Insider Letter on my topic for this week’s Saturday Internet broadcast at Townhall Forum

“But, Bob, this is WhitakerOnline.ORG. Surely WHITAKER gives orders to everybody else!”

No way.

When I was on Capitol Hill I would write a speech for one of the congressmen I worked for. My highly-paid secretary would type it up, but she would not let me TOUCH the original. She made me wait until she had made copies and she would trust me with one of the copies.

Like her, my team boss is responsible for giving ME orders. I can overrule him, but I very seldom do. I do what I do, and I assigned him the responsibility for making it work. He takes the responsibility, so he must have the authority.

When I was in Washington, I fired people. If you have ever done that, you know how hard it is. But when I “delegated,” I did more than that. I said,

“I don’t delegate, I DUMP.”

I had a reputation for not hesitating to fire people. But at least two people offered to take PAY CUTS to work for me. Why? Because they were the kind of people who longed to have a boss who would give them an assignment, take the heat for any mistake they made, and let them alone to do the job.

My motto was, “I will take responsibility for any mistake you make, but I will NOT take responsibility for your NOT doing it.”

Good people LOVE that. Good people go nuts over that opportunity.

Did I mention they offered to take pay CUTS?

As to what my show will be about, I plan to talk some about the New Orleans Conference I spoke at. It was sponsored by Stormfront, headed by David Duke and run by James Kelso, who does the nitty-gritty running of Stormfront.

But my main topic will be Wordism and its first cousin, classism. These are both strategies used against the survival of our race.

A country can be organized on the lines of race and kinship, as the United States was. Or it can be based on loyalty to someone’s version of a Holy Book, as Islam is. It makes no difference what The Book is that the person is giving his version of. It can be an obedient little brown Moslem country or an obedient little brown Latin American country whose only uniting principle is the Catholic Church or, in recent years, an Evangelical Church.

The least-known fact of modern history is how serious evangelicals have replaced tired old Catholic hierarchies in running South America.

But Moslem, evangelical, Catholic or Moslem, the basis of Wordism is the tyranny of the Word, somebody’s version of The Final Truth. Anyone who disagrees with this Final Truth is a traitor. In a Wordist society, there can be no freedom of thought or freedom of speech.

Only a society based on kinship, on what is called “racism,” as America was, can have freedom of belief.


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Everyone Who Suffers Is Not A Hero

I have written about the Jew I used to get drunk with who was in a German concentration camp as a child. He kept telling me about how Jews VOLUNTARILY turned other Jews over to the authorities. His family, he insisted, was turned over to the Nazis by Jews.

When I said those Jews were probably threatened or trying to save themselves he got furious with me. NO! He said, they just did it. It is the only time in my life that somebody got furious with me for being soft on Jews.

Jews in Nazi Germany behaved just like white gentiles in America do today. They turned on each other in exactly the same way that white gentiles are the biggest enemies of white gentiles in our present society.

I know a German guy whose father was a guard at a concentration camp at age fourteen. Lately, they nearly took away his citizenship because of that. He had told them that fifty years ago, but now the supply of old Nazis is running out so they decided to go after him.

There are people who have spent their whole careers doing nothing but chasing down old Nazis, and they’ve got to do SOMETHING.

Jews are exempt from this persecution. A fourteen-year-old German kid was blamed for not walking up to the SS, the guys with the skull and crossbones on their hats and a pistol at their sides, and telling them he would not guard their camp for them.

No Jew will ever be blamed for turning in other Jews or for not offering any resistance at all when they were rounded up. What’s the excuse for this?

Well, Jews SUFFERED, you see. Whatever they did, they were OK. No Jew who turned in my drinking buddy and his family will ever be criticized, much less prosecuted. This made him very, very angry.

I wonder why?

So when I talk about McCain, I am told that no one is allowed to criticize his cooperating with the enemy in Vietnam because he SUFFERED: “How dare you attack a man who went through all that?”

I dare because I do not believe that everybody who suffers is a hero.


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