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Three Words Could Restore Free Speech

Three words would straighten out much of Political Correctness.

Those three words are, “in my opinion.”

For example, if all those people who “it is God’s Will” had to say “It, IN MY OPINION, God’s Will,” they would be forced to recognize what they are trying to force on other people – naked self-righteousness.

If people were forced to say, “There is no room in this society for what, IN MY OPINION, is racism,” this statement would be recognized for the totalitarian declaration of war against free speech that it is.

If one had to say, “America is built on what, IN MY OPINION, is diversity,” it would expose the fact that the last thing they want is real diversity.

It is worth interrupting anybody, the more repeatedly the better, with those three words. “You mean what, IN YOUR OPINION, is such-and-such.” If you did it all the time, over and over, every single time, they would get tired of it, but they would also cease to preach at you.

You ought to constantly called into talk shows and quoted some “that is what America is all about” and said, “Don’t you mean that, IN YOUR OPINION, is what America is all about. Why should I care about that?”

Those three words, if you beat someone’s head in with them, could restore free speech.