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Everyone Who Suffers Is Not A Hero

I have written about the Jew I used to get drunk with who was in a German concentration camp as a child. He kept telling me about how Jews VOLUNTARILY turned other Jews over to the authorities. His family, he insisted, was turned over to the Nazis by Jews.

When I said those Jews were probably threatened or trying to save themselves he got furious with me. NO! He said, they just did it. It is the only time in my life that somebody got furious with me for being soft on Jews.

Jews in Nazi Germany behaved just like white gentiles in America do today. They turned on each other in exactly the same way that white gentiles are the biggest enemies of white gentiles in our present society.

I know a German guy whose father was a guard at a concentration camp at age fourteen. Lately, they nearly took away his citizenship because of that. He had told them that fifty years ago, but now the supply of old Nazis is running out so they decided to go after him.

There are people who have spent their whole careers doing nothing but chasing down old Nazis, and they’ve got to do SOMETHING.

Jews are exempt from this persecution. A fourteen-year-old German kid was blamed for not walking up to the SS, the guys with the skull and crossbones on their hats and a pistol at their sides, and telling them he would not guard their camp for them.

No Jew will ever be blamed for turning in other Jews or for not offering any resistance at all when they were rounded up. What’s the excuse for this?

Well, Jews SUFFERED, you see. Whatever they did, they were OK. No Jew who turned in my drinking buddy and his family will ever be criticized, much less prosecuted. This made him very, very angry.

I wonder why?

So when I talk about McCain, I am told that no one is allowed to criticize his cooperating with the enemy in Vietnam because he SUFFERED: “How dare you attack a man who went through all that?”

I dare because I do not believe that everybody who suffers is a hero.

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John McCain, Media Hero

The next Whitaker Online will talk about Senator John McCain and how hard he works for the political left. He is the best friend Communist Vietnam has in congress and the worst enemy our missing POWs have.

As if to confirm what I say, I just saw an ad for a movie special on the History Channel. It will be a two-hour story of what a hero McCain was in Vietnam. They don’t make movies like that about those who have fought the political left. They do that for their friends.

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The one thing everybody agrees on is that politicians don’t keep their promises.

They couldn’t be wronger.

Big-league politics consists ENTIRELY of promises and in the big leagues, a politician’s word to another politicians is solid gold. They don’t keep their promises to YOU.

Why should they? Politics is NOT a friendly game. It is a deadly serious battle for something much more important than money.


Money is like water. If you are dying of thirst, nothing but water matters. But if you have the money you need in power politics, it becomes a lesser consideration. Many a billionaire wishes he had power and can’t get it.

In the House or Senate, once you commit to vote for something in return for promises and you don’t come through, you’re dead meat. A Senator would far rather break his word to a billionaire than to another senator.

So why do you think he cares about keeping his word to YOU? His promises are his stock in the biggest trade there is on earth.

You, the public, have no MEMORY. You are fascinated by the latest Big Story. A pro has a memory a mile long. You break a promise in the Big Leagues and you’re on your way out.

If a man’s only capital is his promises, he doesn’t waste them on people who don’t have a knack for a memory and a grudge.

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