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Reply to Joey

Posted by Bob on May 28th, 2005 under Bob, Comment Responses

Joey, when Bill Rusher mentioned in one of his books that I had come up with the idea that Federal courts are always the last bastion of yesterday’s power, I was astonished.

Nobody EVER mentions that they got their ideas from me. That’s my whole game.

I was lecturing Pat and the group he associates with the idea of judicial dictatorship long, long ago, and it slowly seeped in. In my 1982 book I talked about judicial decrees, and I said, as I had been saying long before then, that:

“A system where one man’s opinion is law has a name, and it is NOT democracy.”

I was telling Pat and those he knew about genocide against the white race before I wrote it down in a 1976 book.

A quarter of a century later, Pat wrote “Death of the West.”

Try to understand that this is what my life is ABOUT.

I have enormous power precisely because I concentrate on planting ideas. It is hard work. I push and I push and I finally get someone who has no idea where they came from to get to them when it is time. While they were concentrating on “getting the Negro vote” forty years ago, I was planting and pushing ideas that bore fruit when they became useful to SOMEBODY, I don’t care whom, a decade or two later.

This is POWER.

I have changed the world and I will be changing it long after I die.

Joey said,

“I heard Pat Buchanan mention the judicial dictatorship when referring to the Supreme Court. The liberal on the panel looked angry to say the least. As far as I know, Buchanan has never used this term before.

Interesting to know that Pat listens to Bob. Will you speak about this and other examples of others using your thoughts as their own?”

  1. #1 by Peter on 05/30/2005 - 6:30 pm

    I get all my ideas from you.

    When I get in power, I will build you a memorial…

    somewhere on Massachusetts Avenue.

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