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Someone was writing me about how what I said condemned their beliefs.

A lot of what I have said contradicted MY beliefs.

The idea here is to make you THINK, not to make you think like me.

It just occurred to me that I would be absolutely appalled if someone declared that he was now a Whitakerist, and expected me to give him all the right answers.

Forget all my books and speeches and other writing and even this blog. The main page of Whitakeronline.ORG has been running now for almost seven years. The archives are now probably half a million words long. It is bigger than the Koran or the New Testament and is rapidly catching up on the Old Testament.

I am even less nice to myself than I am to others. Reading over some stuff I wrote, I say, “I cannot believe that a reasonably intelligent person wrote that.”

I also think other things that I can’t repeat here. But that is what I was thinking that week. Reading over my old writings is a great cure for any notion that I am infallible.

A lot of times someone will say to me, very apologetically, “I don’t agree with everything you say.”

That makes me a little dizzy. What kind of idiot does he think I am? What delusions of grandeur does he think I have?

I don’t like it when somebody says, “I don’t agree with everything you say.” It’s like saying, “I don’t agree with you that you are the Prophet Mohammed.”

I never said I was.



Full Circle

When Jesus walked on this earth, He was constantly asked, “What good are you as a Messiah if you are not here to save Israel from the Romans?”

Jesus, replied, “My kingdom is not of this earth.”

Today Christians are back to saying that Christianity means nothing if it does not save The State of Israel from its enemies.

When Jesus walked the earth, people asked Him about the poor. He “The poor we have always with us,” and wanted them to worry about the salvation of their souls.

Now the churches have started a joint project aimed, not at saving souls, but at helping the poor. They tell us, “That is what Christ was all about.”

By a strange coincidence, it is also Politically Correct and good public relations.

What good is the Bible, we are asked, if it does not answer every question that comes on Planet Earth?

Saving souls is nice, but we got REAL problems.

So every Sunday every preacher shows you how the Bible will take care of your personal problems, your family problems, your financial problems, your health, your looks, being likeable, everything on THIS earth.

Which is precisely what Jesus did NOT say.

We are back to the philosophy of those who crucified Jesus.

We have come full circle.