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What Might Have Made Mark Sit Up in Church

Posted by Bob on July 1st, 2005 under Comment Responses

Mark said talking religion made him sleep in church when he was a boy.

I slept too, when the hundred degree temperature and the agony of having to wear wool pants allowed me to.

But my family was in church work for at least four hundred years. I learned from the first that church work involves some of the smartest and most cold-blooded politics on earth. If the preacher had talked about THAT, you and I would have enjoyed it.

The Rabbi Joshua ben-Joseph was right when he said, “A prophet is not without honor save in his own country.”

So Paul went after the Hellenic Jews, some five or six million of them, instead of their maybe a million country cousins down in Palestine. Most Preachers are not aware that Hellenic Jews existed, much less that they BECAME the church. I mentioned one preacher said they were all Gnostics, a great general-purpose term.

So Wordism has made the Jews who accepted the Rabbi Joshua ben-Joseph into the heathens, and the Hebraic Jews into little gods.

This is typical of Wordism. Institutions routinely make the heroes the villains.

Now THAT sort of Revelation would have mde me sit up in church.


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