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8/13/05 Insider Letter

Posted by Sys Op on August 13th, 2005 under Insider Letter Archive

(Reprinted to Blog from email list of 8/13/05)

*** Bob’s Insider’s Message ***

The Emperor’s Clothing Store

Does anybody remember how that old story, The Emperor’s New Clothes ended?

A little boy said, “But he doesn’t have any clothes on.”

At that point, everybody was shamed. They had been told that if they did not see the New Clothes, it just showed they were not Worthy. When a little boy said what they could all see, they were shamed to realize they had been made fools of.

But the Professional Market Analysts and the Modern Artists are ALWAYS being exposed. As I keep pointing out on my radio show the Wall Street Journal regularly reports scientific studies that demonstrate that monkeys throwing darts do just as well as professional market analysts.

The Andy Warhol who cracks a commode and sells it for a million dollars is a fraud everybody knows about, but he is not the only person who gets the million. The Professional Art Critics and Art Professors live like kings, too.

And nobody notices.

Nothing professors require us to believe in ever works. But nobody minds. The next time they raise tuition everybody will complain, again, that tuition is being raised too much.

Our professor-priesthood, they say, is asking for too much more pay.

Nobody ever points out that there is no reason to pay them at all.

The end of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” ought to be different.

The kid said, “He doesn’t have any clothes on.”

“The people said, ‘We can all see that. When is the Emperor going to raise our taxes and order an even BETTER set of clothes that don’t exist?'”




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