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A Fan

Posted by Bob on September 1st, 2005 under General

We have a twenty-four hour guard desk in this building. I left a copy of my book for them to read.

The black woman who is day guard read “Why Johnny Can’t Think: America’s Professor-Priesthood” from cover to cover in one shift.

Yes, she read it all right. The supervisor of the building said, jokingly, “She sure read it. I asked her what else she was doing all that time (like guarding the building).”

She knows damn well that anybody who can read my book can sit at the desk and keep watch.

Back to our main guard. She told everybody how great my book was. She said it’s funny, readable, and, above all, TRUE.

Down here in the Bible Belt we worry about whether something is true or not.

Not whether it’s FASHIONABLE or not. Whether it’s TRUE or not. Lord, we’re out of date!

Even worse, we’re proud of it!

So my new fan looked at my book just the way I wrote it, plain English and no holds barred.

I can hear people saying, “But, Bob, you kept talking about preserving the white race. Wasn’t she offended about that?”

It never occurred to her to be offended. I’m a white man. I’m worried about the white race.

So what else is new?

If you’re from South Carolina you might as well be from Mars. Down here, if you’re black or white, natural loyalty, like common decency, is taken for granted. That is such a wild idea from the point of view of Fashionable Opinion in Washington or New York or San Franciso that they can’t even imagine it.

We don’t even notice it.

Why did she understand my book so well?

Well, people talk about Education Level and Intelligent Quotients all the time, but what they can’t measure is the Common Sense Quotient.

It is the Common Sense Quotient that today’s “education” beats out of people.

She wouldn’t say it to my face, but what really impressed my new fan was that somebody with as much education as I have could still have this much common sense and write it down clearly.

Which gives you a clear idea of what is so wrong with what we call “education.”

And that, brothers and sisters, is the whole point of my book.


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