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Posted by Bob on September 3rd, 2005 under Bob

One thing I already know I have to follow up on in what I just wrote below is my explanation of humor. You can’t make a joke unless you canmake an INSTANT connection between Yuppies and relgious bigotry in your own mind.

I have to go from there to make the point that you cannot DISCUSS the world rationally with someone who cannot make that instant connection. I could talk with William Pierce but everybody around us said it sounded like code speech. That was because we both instantly understood this kind of connection.

Both sides and the middle of the road are obvious nonsense to anyone who studies intellectual or scientific history without a carefully trained mind. It is stupid to say that one side says the sun is the center of hte universe and the other says the earth is the center and the truth lies somewhere in between.

But if you have to EXPLAIN that to every person you talk to, what passed for discussion gets tedious beyond imagination. Pierce and I, Sam Francis and I, never paused for such crap.

So to others our conversation sounded like code.

But I have to go slow while asking for speed. I have to let the reader slowly, painfully, get what I am talking about.

Which is one reason this book will never be published.

But with the blog, I can get the thought in raw.


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