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I can’t find it, but I wrote a piece which discussed a country where I was chasing down terrorists.

I pointed out that the terrorists I was chasing took over, and a small comedy ensued. They offered me a commission by mail, then when I didn’t reply they informed me I was now listed as a terrorist in their country.

Then, since I was on their mailing list, they sent me a couple of tourist brochures. All this happened over a period of decades.

One commenter asked me if I would say what country that was. I’m glad he did, because it gives a chance to repeat some very important points about this blog.

The first is that I do not want the person who wrote that to get all upset. When I explain it will sound like I am accusing him of not reading or understanding what I said before.

Peter was saying he had said too much. No, Peter, the point of my blog is for you to say what you are thinking. If other people don’t comment as much as you do, that’s their problem, not yours.

By the same token, if someone asks me something I can’t answer for a reason, I am perfectly capable of explaining again.

Do not apologize, gang, just say it.

And don’t sweat the grammar or the spelling. I am interested in what you have to say, not in Webster’s Dictionary.

If you were drunk and you want me to remove it, I’ll remove it and your request. But sometimes drunk is good and you say what you’ve been holding back.

Now to point two: this commenter asked what country it was I referred to.

When I announced the blog, I said, “Don’t hold me to anything I say in the blog.”

What is a matter of debate to others is a matter of survival to me. “Is there a leftist bias?” is a point of debate to respectable conservatives. For me dealing with the absolute vengefulness of the left is a matter of survival.

Tom DeLay upset the liberals and now he is facing prison. The Feds spent tens of millions of dollars to send David Duke to one of the worse prisons in America on a three thousand dollar tax charge.

I have been reminded of this fact on two continents in long and almost identical speeches by two different lawyers on two different continents. Apparently these were not new speeches, because I was fascinated by how identical they were.

When the leftists finally chase you down, you have two humiliating alternatives:

1) You can say everything you claimed was a lie and — I am NOT kidding about this — that you were abused in childhood and you are a pathological liar or

2) You used to believe those things but since then you have found Jehovah/Religion/Jesus and renounce all your hate-filled thoughts.

I am leaving alternative 2) wide open.

This is because I am specifically ignoring the legal advice I got in this blog. They told me that when I got old it would be hard to avoid talking about things I had done.

It is.

My Federal files have been very carefully cleaned. I was in the direct line for clearance of ALL Federal employees and that gave me a certain amount of access to all files, including mine.

Everything is deniable.

Including the second paragraph above.

But specificity can destroy deniability. So when David Duke was pressing me in Moscow on his radio show about where I was over a period of years, I was bit frustrated that he wouldn’t understand that “I was in in various kinds of intelligence work” should have been enough to make him back off.

I have enormous gaps in my resume.

They will stay empty.




Smurfette, who says she loves me dearly, has a web site devoted to the Smurfs:

I am happy to advertise the web site of somebody who reads mine. We are the alternative media and we need to back each other up.

Smurfette’s web page talks about the 25 languages the Smurfs are published in. This is pretty relevant to me, since I was reading Smurfs in German long before they appeared in the US. In German, the word “smurf” is used as a verb the same way it is in English.

I would like to know if Smurfette is a fan of Asterix too.

Asterix is interesting because it is the only adult comic book I have ever seen.

By this I mean that Asterix is aimed at adults.

There is not a dirty word in it. I do not think there is anything particularly adult about publications that use the kind of words we used to scratch on the walls of the Boy’s Room when we were in grammar school.

Asterix can best be understood by an adult mind.

For instance, Asterix says exactly how Europeans look at each other.

To someone who is interested in languages, Asterix is a gold mine. It is published in three different versions of Dutch. Besides which, I have a couple of Asterixes that are in Afrikaans.

I also had an Asterix that was in LATIN!

The one thing that worries me about the Smurfs is that they have have a grand total of one female, who is unmarried.

She has blond hair and blue skin.



Latino “Brothers”

Before the World Series game, ther was a salute to Latino Legends in Baseball.

It began with a speech about Latin Americans who play baseball “and their brothers in the United States.”

I wonder what would happen if a white baseball player referred to “my brothers in Europe?”



A Favor for Elizabeth

As I said below, though she vehemently denies it, Elizabeth is Catholic because the Pope is a bachelor. I therefore took the initiative and wrote the Pope about this.

I said that I would like to set Elizabeth up for a date with His Holiness, but he if he is busy maybe he could fix her up with one of Cardinals.

The response to my letter from the Vatican Curia was something I can only describe as unfriendly.

Further, it was badly written. I found their use of the word “excommunication” tiresomely repetitious.

Don’t worry about it, Elizabeth. I hear that Russian Orthodoxy is a great alternative.

This should not make other readers of Bob’s Blog jealous.

I stand ready to do the same sort of thing for the rest of you.



Papa Smurfs are Serious

Al Franken, Alam Colmes and Ed Asner, fanatically anti-white leftists, are all Reformed Jews from Reformed Jewish families.

There are three segments in Jewish religion, Reformed, Conservative and Orthodox.

The Hassidim make Orthodox Jews look Super Reformed. The Orthodox are supposed to strictly observe the Law Old Testament “Christians” worship, but compared to Hassidim, they are yawners.

But something that is not generally known is that, while Reformed Jews are hard left, the Hassidim are the solidest conservative voting bloc in America.

And, not coincidentally, the Hassidim are the only Jews who are not dying out.

I was watching President Bush addressing a group of Hassidic Jews. Every Hassidic Jew there was male and at least middle age. Every one of them was dressed in identical black suit and black hat. All of them had the same beard.

They looked exactly like a group of Papa Smurfs dressed up for the occasion.

But one thing was not funny. For some reason Bush asked how many of them had ONE HUNDRED grandchildren.

Several of them raised their hands with a proud smile.

The Hassidim are very white, many of them blond and blue-eyed.

Other Jews are facing a birth deficit that is even worse than Europe’s. And I think it is a direct result of pure hatred.

If you raise your children to hate, they begin to hate themselves. That’s what happened to New England. New England had a high birth rate at first. But by the nineteeth century they couldn’t even populate that cold, rocky little corner of America they inhabited and the Irish and other groups took over.

After the Civil War, at the height of its power, New England depopulated itself the way Jews are doing today.

New England was dedicated to the destruction of the South. The South lost and populated the West. New England died on its rocks.

Hate, real hate, is poison.

I have an observation that is in no way scientific. The right-wing Jews I know look very Jewish. You certainly couldn’t tell that Al Franken, Ed Asner or Alan Colmes were Jews if they didn’t make such a point of it.

Ben Stein looks like the Jew’s Jew. But when someone on his show on the Comedy Channel said Thomas Jefferson had a mulatto child, he actually hit back hard and said the child was probably fathered by Jefferson’s uncle.

During one of my super-top-clearance clearances my adjudicator was a Jew. Right behind him was a table piled high with reports on me from every conceivable agency. I mean there were literally a hundred thousand pages on me there, everything about me.

He asked me if I was anti-Semitic. If I had said No he could have argued that I lied to him.

I said Yes and proceeded to explain.

I said, “Every time somebody says to me ‘I am Jewish and…’ the next thing he says is either anti-white or anti-Southern or both.”

I said, “I am sick of being insutled by people who think they have the right to insult me because they’re Jewish.”

I told David Duke that and he said I must have been crazy.

Well, I got the clearance, which was the point of the exercise.

I do not like Jews in general, because they, ON THE RECORD, consistently fight to destroy my race.

You can get away with a lot if you are consistent and you know how to tell the truth.

By the same token I appreciate it when a ben Stein breaks with Jewish opinion and is a Southerner — his father was a professor at the University of Virginia and Stein has never been anything but a conservative, even when the neos were still liberal.

Bernard Baruch’s father was Deputy Surgeon General of the Confederate Army and around 1900 in New York when the orchestra at high-class New York functions played “Dicie” he would embarrass Bernard and the other kids by jumping up and screaming the Rebel Yell.

During Reconstruction Bernard’s father was a member in good standing of the Kershaw County, South Carolina Ku Klux Klan.

You expect ME to hate a Jew like THAT?

I am the enemy of my declared enemies. Those “Christians” who are getting people in the Appalachians, where liberals can’t racially mix them, to adopt third world babies, are my enemies.

Jews who are deadly serious about being Jews, and who do not begrudge my race the right to survive, are not my enemies.

From the definition of “Christian” I hear today, I am anti-Christian, too.



Rebellious Youth

I was a college professor in the 1960s. That was when the Love Generation was making calls to the parents of guys in Vietnam saying they were the Department of Defense and falsely informing them that their son had been killed in action.

Al Capp was a New York liberal Jew who did the Lil Abner cartoons. That is, as he said, he was a standard liberal Jew until he made fun of the Love Generation.

Capp made fun of the John Birch Society, the Klan, Big Business, all the standard things. He said he got some hate mail for it.

But then he made fun of the anti-Vietnam protestors, the Love Generation.

He made it clear that he was not joking when he said that he didn’t know what hate was until he got it from the Love Generation.

Hate mail from the Love Generation poured in. Capp said he got more attack mail in one week than he had gotten in his whole career before. He said each letter made the Klan look like pussycats. Capp said that the language in those letters would embarrass a Harlem pimp.

Capp abruptly became a conservative.

So we all know that the Love Generation was not about love.

There was another claim the Love Generation made besides, “We’re all about Love.”

They also said they were Rebellious Youth.

They weren’t that young, but we’ll that for another article.

Right now let’s concentrate on the claim that 1960s “campus radicals” were “Rebellious.”

Remember, I was younger than many of the students I taught. If you don’t think I was rebellious, my FBI file would contradict you.

During the 1960s I would like to have yelled at the stlf-styled radicals:

REBELLIOUS!? You’re the most obedient bunch of spoiled brats I’ve ever seen!

Here was their “radical” program:

1) All money should be taken away from the military and given to professors to spend on social programs;

2) Taxes should be vastly increased to give to social science professors more money to spend on their pet social programs;

2) All policy on so-called criminals, who are actually victims of society, should be turned over to criminologists, like our sociology professors told us;

3) The economy should run entirely by professors who will plan the whole thing;

4) Any money or power left over should go into reparations to minority groups, which will be distributed the way our liberal professors tell us it should.

That was the college student radicals idea of rebellion.

Listen, gang, the ancient Pharoahs wished that Egyptians would worship every word they said the way those so-called radicals worshipped what their professors told them.



Elizabeth is in Denial

I recently stated that Elizabeth and all Catholic females are Catholic because the Pope is a bachelor.

Elizabeth denies this.

We professionals in social science deal with this problem all the time.

Anyone who drinks is an alcoholic, but many keep denying this fact.

Anyone who criticizes homosexuality is a latent homosexual.

How can they deny it? By definition, “latent” means you don’t know it. So how can anybody deny they are latent?

But they keep doing it.

No, Elizabeth, if you refuse to accept the fact that you lust after the College of Cardinals you deny the validity of today’s social sciences.

And you wouldn’t want to do that.



In Bob’s Blog, Comments are Riches

In Bob’s Blog, we have to take it for granted that Bob knows what he is doing.

So when Joe talks about justices and the law, I can tell he has been thinking about what I said.

But I will not approve it if someone decides to dump his sermon in this blog.

And I’m pretty good at knowing the difference.

This is much more professional than the average person can easily understand. The point here is to
stimulate thought on YOUR part.

“But,” someone could say, “How can you presume to judge whether a person’s independent statements are the thoughts you want to stimulate? Isn’t that totalitarianism?”

I think “someone” is an idiot.

And, before anyone gets paranoid, I made up someone to have a straw man.

Bob can tell better than other people whether someone is giving me a thought I helped stimulate or making a speech he would have made if I had never been born.

Bob can also appreciate the people who jump in here and say what I make them think of.

You who do that are my pay. Who else can make good minds move?

OK, enough of reading all this treacle.

Get off your asses and MOVE!

And don’t be nervous about it.

Just remember that if you don’t do it right I’ll GET you!


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