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I Can’t Argue with THAT!

In response to the two articles below, Anonymous says,

Conservatives get pretty lucky, too. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Senator Mel Carnahan, Senator Paul Wellstone …

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Concerning Sonny Bono and the copyright laws: The Constitution says (Article 1, Section “To promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited Times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.”

Sonny Bono was trying to get “limited Times” to mean, in his words, “forever minus a day.” He was trying to get “Progress of Science and useful Arts” to mean “I Got You, Babe”. He was successful. Thanks to the Rehnquist Court, Sonny Bono’s interpretation of Article 1, Section 8 is now the law of the land.

It’s amazing how Bob can go from the sublime to the ridiculous overnight.

I said it was suspicious that the first president and first vice president in history to resign under pressure in American history were both hated universally by the media to an extent no other president or vice president had ever been were forced to resign within one year of each other.

Anonymous said it was not suspicious because Kennedy, MLK and Robert Kennedy were murdered.

He left out Malcolm X and even Abraham Lincoln.

I can’t argue with taht.

Anonymous adds that Sonny Buono could not have been murdered because he wrote bad copyright law.

I can’t argue with that.

He left one of the instances I gave out. Anonymous needs to point out why the Ohio police, in complete secrecy, did not allow John Ashbrook’s body to be buried in the coffin at his funeral.

Anonymous needs to explain that it was just a jolly practical joke.

I sure couldn’t argue with that one either.



The Right ORDER

I said below that that marvelous coincidence, that the first president and vice president to resign under pressure in American history resigned in the same year for entirely different reasons, occurred in “the right order.”

Vice President Agnew, whom ALL the national media hated more than any vice president in history, resigned on October 10, 1973, just BEFORE Nixon, the president the national media ALL hated more than any other president in American history, resigned.

This is another fantastic coincidence that every respectable conservative has to say that he accepts.

What do I mean by “the right order?”

If Agnew’s resignation had been delayed, he would have become president. For President Agnew to have been hounded out of office by the media right after President Nixon had been hounded out of office by the press would have raised some eyebrows.

Too much of a good thing. Every respectable conservative would STILL have to be insisting that it was an accident.

BEFORE Nixon’s resignation, the media was full of news about Watergate. So the resignation of the vice president was a relatively minor news event, whereas at any other time in American history it would have been THE headline.

But PRESIDENT Agnew’s resignation would have been front page news right after PRESIDENT Nixon’s resignation was front-page news. Even the drooling worshippers of Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather woule have been a little impressed by that.

Respectable conservatives would NEVER have noticed that, or they would have lost their livelihood. But they are wholly owned subsidiaries of the national media.

Real people, even LIBERAL real people, might have smelled a rat.

So it was critical that Agnew resign BEFORE Nixon, at the height of the Watergate scandal.

How lucky it was for media credibility that Agnew happened to resign BEFORE Nixon!

How lucky for the national media that Agnew was forced to resign in the very same year that Nixon’s fall became inevitable.

Liberals have a lot of luck that way.

My boss, congressman John Ashbrook, who had never had a serious illness in his life, died at just the right time. When I attended his funeral it turned out that the casket they buried did not have John’s body in it. The police had kept it for further investigation.

Like me, the police had a lot of experience with just that sort of “accidental” death. John Ashbrook died from a hemmorage from a tiny puncture in his stomach, the sort of thing you got from swallowing crushed glass in the old days, though the methods are a little more sophisiticated now.

Once again, John died at EXACTLY the right time. There was no doubt he would win the primary for United States Senate to face Senator Howard Metzenbaum. The polls showed that he was gaining on Metzenbaum.

If John had died a couple of months later he would have been Metzenbaum’s official Republican opponent. When a fanatical leftist’s opponent dies under circumstances that strike the police as extremely suspicious, everybody but respectable conservatives smells a rat.

So John’s death, like Agnew’s resignation, occurred at just the right time, since the public does not keep up with poll results for POTENTIAL opponents.

Liberal luck is PHENOMENAL!

If you think that is all the luck liberals have, think again.

Congressman Sonny Buono was winning the Republican primary to run against one of California’s twin female liberal senators, I forget which. In the poll matchups, he was gaining on her.

Then, before the primary, Old Sonny, a lifelong skier, went out all alone on the slopes in the middle of the night and slammed into a tree.

Here we have another incredible coincidence.

Never before in history has a candidate for nomination who had a clear chance in the polls of beating the incumbent suddenly died before getting the nomination. And here were TWO of them!

And BOTH of them died before the primary!

These great historical oddities, the resignation of Agnew and Nixon in 1974 and the death of John Ashbrook and Sonny Buono, ought to go into the Book of Records.

But nobody even mentions them.

I wonder why.



The Agnew Coincidence

Vice President John C. Calhoun’s term of office would have ended on March 4, 1833. But a senator from South Carolina died in December, 1932, so Calhoun resigned the vice presidency to take that more permanent job.

Until October 10, 1973 Calhoun was the only president or vice president who had ever resigned.

At the end of 1973, Vice President Agnew resigned and then President Nixon resigned, for totally different reasons.

What a coincidence!

Some of the media have always hated every president. But never in all history has the media ever universally hated a president the way they hated Richard Nixon.

They hated Agnew just as unaimously.

When Nixon and Agnew won election in 1968, Nixon assigned Agnew the job of denouncing the national media. In a famous press conference Agnew referred to them as “the nattering nabobs of the press.”

For Nixon to assign somebody as his hit man for the press was exactly like Al Capone playing “good gangster, bad gangster” and making one of his henchmen the BAD gangster. Anyone with even a nodding acquaintance with the era knows that the one man the media hated as much as Nixon was Agnew.

The Washington Post finally GOT Nixon.

But remember, not one nationally elected official, meaning no president or VICE president, had EVER resigned under pressure before 1974.

No one but me has EVER mentioned the incredible coincidence that Agnew resigned JUST BEFORE Nixon did, and that no one ever said he had anything to do with the Watergate scandal that brought Nixon down.

No, Vice Presdient Agnew had an entirely different scandal that crought him down just at the right moment.

After intense investigation, which happened just as the Nixon impeachment became inevitable, it was discovered that Agnew had done some dirty deal when he was Governor of Maryland.

Now here’s another little tidbit: ALL officials in Maryland had done things like that. Everybody knew Maryland politics were as corrupt as Louisiana politics were when anti-Duke bumper stickers read, “Vote for the Crook, It’s IMPORTANT.”

Even James Edward’s supporters in Louisiana knew he was so crooked be made a snake look straight. ALL politics in Louisiana make a snake look straight.

And Agnew’s Maryland was famous for being even WORSE than Louisiana.

Maryland was so bad it was even in hot competition with New Jersey.

This was, and is, common knowledge.

So William Rusher referred to Agnew’s resignation as “a necessary preliminary” to Nixon’s removal from office. It would do the media no good to get Nixon our and thereby make Agnew president.

If the press had thrown its entire resources into investigating them, we would have had at least a dozen vice presidents resign from office.

So there are two possible expanations for the incredible coincidence of 1974.

Since this coincidence is NEVER discussed, the one that is accepted by default is that, by an amazing coincidence, the first president AND vice president to resign under fire in almost two hundred years of American history happened to resign in the same year.

The other resignation is the one I wrote in the first book I wrote in my own name: “Both Nixon and Agnew, whom the media hated as they had UNANIMOUSLY hated like no other president and vice president in American history, happened to resign in the same year and in exactly the right order.”

No one else discussed it quite this way. In fact, except for Rusher’s ironic comment, no one, liberal or respectable conservative, discussed it AT ALL.

If a respectable cosnervative, who is making a good living in the media, even SUGGESTS that the national media can be corrupt in the way that any other group with power and money can be corrupt, he will lose his money-making status as a “respectable” conservative.

All respectable conservatives must say, in chorus, “The media is biased, but they are all HONEST.”


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Most Amazing and Least Noticed

The most amazing thing about Aryan society requires a roll of drums. We are the first and only society in history where the following can happen.

Someone produces statistical proof that magic works and ghosts are all about us. It is unlikely, but let’s say it happens.

Does our society, based on science, then collapse?

No. We say, “Damn! I would never have imagined such a thing could happen.”

Then we factor in the fact that magic works and ghosts exist and go on with our lives.

In this century, three concepts of hte universe have held sway, the old Newtonian physics, Einstien’s physics based on light speed, and Heissenberg and quantum physics.

For the first time in history the truths contained in three different concepts of the universe existing side by side didn’t even ause a ripple.

I was just a kid at the time but I remember the trouble Gallileo caused. His intellectual world was based on the Old Testament, and the Old Testament said in the clearest terms that God created the firmament, the firm earth, and spread the heavens above it. When Galileo looked through the telescope invented in Northern Europe he found the earth was not the only firmament.

Copernicus had said much the same thing. But Copernicus was a Pollack, so what did HE know?

Galileo was put under hosue arrest. He was challenging the entire universe his society was based on. One person put it perfectly:

“Do you think that a man with a tube with a piece of glass in each end can overturn the whole History and Authority of the Church?”

Actually a guy with a tube with a piece of glass in each end DID overturn the whole Authority of the Church.

In fact, there has not been a Catholic school since 1700 which did NOT go with the tube instead of the Authority of the Church.

This has gone so far that before his death Pope John Paul mentioned the possibility of removing the Catholic Church’s condemnation of Galileo as a heretic. It didn’t happen, but it could.

One of the most important documents on which the Papacy based its temporal power was the Donation of Constantine. This was a forged document which was supposedly written by the Emperor Constantine which explained the reason he moved the capitol of the Roman Empire from the city of Rome to Constantinople.

In the Donation, Constantine said that, due to a miracle, he was giving all of the Western Roman Empire to the Pope. So he, the lesser of the two, had to move to the East, since the Pope owned the West. If you read Dante’s Inferno written inthe fourteenth century, Dante believed the Donation was genuine.

Actually the Donation was silly. It was forged inteh eighth century using the scholarhip of the time. It ws FULL of absurdities. For one thing, it was written in the wrong language. The Latin in it was eight-century Latin, not fourth-century Latin. And the Roman upper class wrote in Greek back tehn anyway.

The Donation got EVERYTHING wrong. It cited the wrong divisions of the church at the time of Constantine and so forth.

One of the heroes of all ages was the man who exposed the Donation. All the scholars in the fifteenth century knew it was bogus, but he wrote the book that exposed it. He stated flatly that he expected to be burned at the stake for it.

Everybody else had kept quiet. But this was the sort of person who comes from Aryans. He just couldn’t STAND for something that was obviously true to be ignored.

That was the ONLY reason he did it. Any of our Heroic Practical Men would tell you he was a fool.

But the Aryan world is not based on Practial Men. Our real hero escaped from the stake. He was surrounded by Aryans back then.

Our society discovered statistics. We found the Bell Curve. It is a very heretical Curve. It says that whether you succeed in battle does not depend on what the priests and Authorities determine from Traditional values, but one simple probabilities.

In all history there has never been a society that could absord three forms of physics without a ripple. In all of history there has never been a society that had one sentence as it guiding light:

“PROVE it.”

Every other society was based largely on the statement, ‘Things are not as they appear.”

I can say to you, because we are part of Aryan, which is called “Western” thought:

“If the world is not as it appears, why did God or evolution, or both, give us EYES?”

If your little tube with a piece of glass in each end is RIGHT. PROVABLY right, we will absord it into our society and go on.

The basis of our society is an old scientific saying, “One experiment is worth a hundred Expert Opinions.”

What would DESTROY any earlier civilized order only elicits, “Damn! I would have SWORN that wasn’t true.”

Soviet society was based on the concept that mankind was a product of economics. So as soon as the Medicogenetical Institute killed that idea, Stalin had to kill them.

Oriental societies were based on philosophers who were silly. So Marxism took them over. You would not believe what African societies are based on.

Jews like Marx are the Great Authorities. And Einstein NEEDED a universe based on a certainty.

Aryans ASK the universe, “What is true.” Odin lost an eye hanging on the world tree to learn some FACTS.

The society Odin’s people produced is called “Western.” All the Old Testament and other Middle East fanatics, including modern historians, are STILL trying to find some way to shoehorn the developement of Western Civilization into the Old Testament.

The world tree Odin hung on was called Yggsdradil, and its roots were miles deep. The roots of what is called “Western” Civilization are miles deep.

What is true is simply true.

And we are the only civilization in history that could handle that.



Leading From the Saddle

The old kings used to rule, not from the throne, but from the saddle. They were personally riding out to confront the enemy at the farthest reaches of their realms.

We find “Charlemagne” in Rome, at war with the Saxons, on guard against the Islamic threat of invation from Spain, which his ancestor had turned back when it reached Belgium, having already conquered France.

This is very puzzling to someone who has the stereotypical picture of kingship, a guy sitting on a throne surrounded by courtiers wearing silk pants.

Historians like the latter picture of leadership. They like the idea that someone sitting and writing orders is in control.

In a museum there is the elaborate office in which General Stonewall Jackson wrote his last orders.

It is a tree stump.

General Jackson was killed precisely because his own men did not know where he was all the time. He was shot by mistake by our own men.

Lee always looks in the pictures like a mellow Southern Gentleman. Actually his officers regularly had to hold him back from charging right into the battle. Once the troops were yelling, “General Lee to the rear! General Lee to the rear!” Lee, the man they counted on for their lives, had charged right into the battle, bullets flying around him.

Lee shouted, “I will withdraw, but will you beat these people?” The troops shouted they would, and would General Lee PLEASE get the hell out of there and let THEM take the risks?

Now let us come down, with a loud thump, from Generals Lee and Jackson to Bob Whitaker.

This is important:

When I write, I am not writing from a Seat of Wisdom. I am thinking out loud. I am riding around the field of ideas. If you think I have a Formula for Success, you are not only looking at the wrong person, you are looking at the wrong RACE.

Einstein, a good Jew, wanted a fixed universe based on the fixed speed of light. Heisenberg, an Aryan, was comfortable with the Principle of Uncertainty. Einstein died fighting that: “God does not play dice witht he universe.”

The Aryan and the Jewish- Chinese points of view are not only worlds apart, they are UNIVERSES apart.

MANY universes.

Einstein wanted one universe ruled by One Jehovah and One Book. None of this even OCCURRED to Heissenberg. Being an Aryan, he was interested in what truth WAS, not in imposing his Truth upon the universe.

So my intellectual life is not giving you a final truth which comes from where I am sitting.

This is a practical matter. Once people decide that I have a lot to say, they begin to ask me what we have been taught to ask of Great Philosophers:

“OK, Bob, you have given me PART of the truth, not give me the WHOLE truth.”

I am giving you what I think I have figured out. I am not even wedded to that.

You show me it is not true and I’ll go with YOU. So how can anyone think that I have some kind of rock-solid Final Truth, the one everybody else claims?

I do not try to rule, but I try to LEAD.

And I lead from the saddle.



Reply to Peter, Thanks to Tim

Peter asks,

“When our government finishes its fall, how do we make sure we have something wonderful to replace it? Do we wish to be in the same mess that Russia is in now or like the afterbirths that Spain and England are? Granted the most important thing is making sure it falls flat but there will be more moves ahead on the chess board. ”

Tim said,

“I also gave them the old BW line—”they are not talking about flooding Africa with non-Africans and
Asia with Non-Asians. They are only flooding White countries and ONLY White
countries with Non-Whites. This is genocide.” (I say this stuff in my sleep these days)”

And Tim is my answer to Peter.

Petger, if you are a Christian, do the work that is before you, as Tim is doing. Tim’s constant repetition of the fundamental fact SHOULD be what you repeat in your sleep.


We can have a healthy future if we plant the seeds of decency in people’s minds. No Plan is going to do it.

You plant the seeds and some healthy soil will make it prosper. But you HAVE to plant the seeds, which is a repetitious busines in every case.

The trouble with a person with a Plan is that he thinks his Plan will make a nation thrive. So he writes a Book and tries to create yet another group of Wordists who will save the world. That is path leads AWAY from.

If you get people realizing that we are facing simple, blatant genocide it destroys thir worship of Limbaugh, Hannity, O’Reilly and all the rest. If they are white, this makes them THINK.

And that, Peter, is ALL we ask of OUR people. We want them to finally see how insane things are and that courage does not consist of obedience, but of MORAL courage. We want them to start using their OWN minds. Aryans do not dream of a worlsdin which all the other Aryans run around on a golden leash.

We want a world where Aryans squabble over what is RIGHT, not over what is written. And, unlike blacks or browns or Orientals, we want OUR PEOPLE to take over, not to obey whatever creed we come up with.

If you want our people to stop being fools and cowards, you do what Tim is doing. You keep hammering in “Don’t be a fool” by refusing to question just plain genocide. You stop being a coward by avoiding the subject that is obviously in our rulers’ minds.

Get our people to thinking. Get our people to questioning. Make defiance the mark of heroism.

Do what Tim is doing.


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More Reply to Mark

I had a great deal to do with the fall of the Soviet Empire.


Let’s start with the fact that not on single highly-paid, degreed, awarded and honored Sovietologist had the slightest idea that the Soviet Union was about to go down in 1980. If that remark, which I have repeated, doe not hit home, not much more that I say will make sense to you.

I was in Pat Buchanan’s house when he and other Catholic theologues had returned from a visit to the USSR.

Pat said, “All the Soviets ask of us is that we take them SERIOUSLY.”

I kid you not. Those were his words.

And he was dead right.

But let us put ourselves back into 1980. The Soviet buildup and the Carter cutback had made the USSR the apparently militarily superior superpower.

In fact Pat was a major step ahead of the Sovietologists. He realized that the leaders of the Other Superpower were farid, above all, that others would think of them exactly as they thought of themselves.

Communism was SILLY.

Pat, like all theologues, had a half realization. He saw that anyone who wanted to dialogue with Soviet leaders had to recognize them as a real power, a real thing, not just a faith of western academics that, from the inside, looked ridiculous.

To return to the theme, an equation has TWO sides.

When I heard Pat say that, I felt like I did when, a few years before, Pat insisted that American troops at Normandy INTENTIONALLY died so that Europe would be open to third world immigration.

Every liberal and every official spokesman of The Greatest Generation has asid that repeatedly, but not in such blunt language. As a good theologue Pat recited the catechism perfectly.

But the Church didn’t want it put that bluntly.

Pat, as a good theologue, NEVER comes to logical conclusions. There is no OTHER side to the equation.

A good theologue is capable of saying, “We all deserve death,” by which he means that, because of Original Sin, all humans deserve eternal damnation. But he cannot come to the conclusion that every infant deserves to have hot coals rubbed into its eyes.

So if a theologue says, at the height of Soviet power, that all they ask is to be taken seriously, he is incapable of reaching the conclusion I had long since reached:

They are ridiculous and they know it.

Somewhere in the mass of words that is, I wrote a piece called “What Happened tot he Communist Conspiracy?” The first sentence was, “It went public.”

Robert Welch tried hard in the 1950s to convince people that the ruling establishment in Washington was pro-Soviet. In the 1960s they said so.

Welch’s problem was that he thought of the Communists as a Great Power, a serious group of people who really wanted to rule the world. He never looked at THEIR side of the equation.

The Soviets had all the power. The Soviets had out entire intellctual establishment on their side in a world that was divided between Communism and freedom.

How could the Reds lose?

All this left me totally puzzled. I knew they didn’t exist. They had guns and mines and barbed wire, I saw it. But there was nothing THERE.

Buchanan could say that the Greatest Generation fought to open Europe to the third world, but he could not conclude that they wanted the end of the white race. Which is exactly why what he said gave liberals the shivers.

Buchanan wrote an excelent book called “The Death of the West.” He went into all the statistics that prove that there was a program to rid the earth of whites.

He concluded that the death of the west was a decline of Catholic Church values.

Liberals can trust Pat, though they will never understand him. How can he not see what is obvious to anyone else? Why can he not understand the logical conclusions of what he says?

Because he is trained not to.

Look at the list of approved respectable cosneratives, the one show, thought the establishment denounced them, as allowed to speak for discontent with liberalism.

Buchanan, O’Reilly, Hannity, Chris Matthews, and you can add to the list. Every one of them is a perfect and trained theologue.

Falwell, Swaggert, Bakker, Bob Jones V, to the Northern Irish are added the Southern theologues.

This was titled a “Reply to Mark.”

I have yet to explain how it relates to the price of tea in China.

Mark, do you have any idea?



Reply to Mark

In response to my article “Future Physics,” Mark asks , “What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?”

As a former economics professor and one who has had a lot more than he wanted to with Communist countries, I am equipped to tell you about the price of tea in China.

The price of tea in China is extremely low. It is set at a level which would cause consumers in other countries to salivate.

The problem is that you cannot GET tea at that price. If you stand in line for hours, you may get to the store before the tiny amount of tea runs out.

In other words, one problem is the price of tea. The other side of the equation is whether you can GET any tea at that price.

If you are worried only about the price of tea in China, I assure you that it is very, very low.

That would be wonderful.

If an equation didn’t have TWO sides.